Jan Cox Talk 0341

A Hero Unto Himself

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #341 * May 12, 1988 * - 1:32 

  [Public voice vs. Private voice: a kind of split in the Upper Circuit (UC) noise. [Write on board], two columns written down, one for each of the voices: Battlefield -- Backyard; Actor/script -- Ad Lib, impromptu; Job (paid activity or else it wouldn't be done) -- Hobby (fun activity per se). The public voice is always weighty, serious; it must be that way or it could not be sustained. The private voice however laughs and criticizes. One serious, one flippant; thus a specific effort must be made by the ordinary to keep the two separate: you can't laugh about your job. Life gives everybody a script: the public voice. Conflict between public and private voice is a temporary destabilization of a set script. Public and private voice = the partnership. Ordinary consciousness cannot see that Life is as diverse and self-contradictory as itself, and uses collective/consensus public voices of a certain group of its body to communicate with some other part. E.g., an article in a magazine about the "Italian" attitude toward the European Economic Community. ]
  [The ordinary concept of hero is one whose public and private voice are merged, indistinguishable. Any proof to the contrary is ignored: a private voice is simply supposed not to exist in heroes. The Real Revolutionist needs to be a hero to himself--never allowing an external hero. That internal hero would have to have no private voice. Why is no one wired to have an internal hero? ]
  [The time-lag between UC and LC = public and private voice dichotomy. ]
  [There is a connection between jogging and 3rd-world advancing popularity/fad: UC's have almost outstripped LC temporarily and the LC‘s crying out "slow up!" Thus the professor is a jogger, and advanced nations are preoccupied by the 3rd-world countries. ]
  [Scout vs. analyst. Scout brings in new info which the analyst then manipulates with outdated info (the past); if the info is too new, consciousness will disregard it. ]
  [Unseemly, unfitting, inappropriate (too far removed from its reality/context) advertising as judged so by ordinary consciousness (eg., untrue claims; impossible-to-deliver service--the 'caring' of an insurance conglomerate): one of the partners is a consummate inappropriate advertising agency. The advertising-planner-analyst voice is too far removed in time (24 hr; 3 sec; 1 sec.) and goods and services. ]
  [Movies about making movies: the Real Revolutionist is living a life about making a life. "It's just film stock!" ]
  [Event vs. thoughts-about-event. J. doesn't ever tell what he thinks. ]
  [The Real Revolutionist never asks for mercy: to ask one who could give true mercy is moot since they would have already given it. ]
  [The king doesn't get ulcers --he gives them. Connected to "lead, follow, or get out of my way!". This should be the Real Revolutionist's attitude. Internal application: one partner in real control = no ulcers, no stress. Normally Life is the one in control. The Real Revolutionist can get in control. Lead,follow or get out of the way = Life's dislike for long-term destabilization of the Partnership dance. ]
  [1:32 Epilog: forgive someone who you have broken off relations with; use the telephone. ]
  [end 1:41