Jan Cox Talk 0346

Perfected and Forgotten

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #346 May 27, 1988 - 1:12 

  [The Real Revolutionist doesn't "forget everything" in doing This Thing. But the Real Revolutionist does only that, remembers only what is beneficial to his growth. In this he uses a "personally benign" retrieval system. It is impossible for the ordinary to 'forgive and forget' because he can't forget; the memory keeps playing and replaying. The Real Revolutionist CAN remember and then stop this mechanical re-thinking so as to be able to then forget/forgive. Ordinary consciousness is a "pop-up" book and the Real Revolutionist simply remembers not to open up the page with the pop-up negative memory by using a personally benign retrieval mechanism; non-native. ]
  [It is said that "it takes two to speak the truth: one to speak and one to hear." This is a City truism but the Real Revolutionist knows that to assume the throne is a solo endeavor. In the Partnership, one partner speaks/criticizes while the other hears and agrees: this is the 'truth'. When the Real Revolutionist sees truth he tells no one: it does not take two to speak the truth.]
  [In the City anything worth remembering is worth forgetting to the Real Revolutionist; if it's worth discussing—it‘s worth abandoning/destroying. Only unfinished things get remembered in the City --e.g, themselves. Nothing is truly finished in the City until you feel that it is --the Real Revolutionist never and always feels that way. The Real Revolutionist has finished with himself; perfected himself and disappeared. ]
  [The real study of man is the survey of surfaces; the ordinary feel this to be a flawed, incomplete definition. Man had no 'inner life' until he could talk about same --which then created it. Time is the ever present backdrop which, if it could be remembered, would answer all of man's questions —man would be seen as a surface: no depth, and the proper study of surfaces. ]
  [People cannot learn from the pregnantly obvious. People operate on a kind of autopilot mechanism: biological necessities. The Real Revolutionist operates on an awareness of certain biological possibilities beyond the necessary. ]
  [Self-protection is available to the Real Revolutionist thru a kind of useful, purposeful, controlled hatred; it is not comparable to any known City hatred. It is a kind of perfected sovereignty over your wrath; a completed anger; self-serving, beneficial malevolence. ]
  ["ATOTFAIHTSOSD" (At times on the floor above I hear the sounds of strangers dancing) ]
  [1:12 end