Jan Cox Talk 0357

It Takes Two

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #0357 - Jun 22, 1988 - TRT-88min 
 [Kyroot to :09]
 [More on field of vision overlap. Eyeballs must be separate to give 3-d view; two positions physically required, two perspectives for full dimensional potential to be realized and available to the Real Revolutionist. Not necessarily an opposite view. The Real Revolutionist has got to be a Noah and bring onto his Ark two views of every creature (everything of which you can be conscious). Without two you don't have any; you can say you've got a creature on board, but if you don't have more than one, it is as good as none. Example of radio: two views: as an advertising medium, and as an entertainment medium. To have only one view of anything makes you defenseless — vulnerable to criticism, both external and internal. This is an unknown law of physics. One view is unsatisfying—always; but it is also very attractive, having converting appeal of the "truth": the power of one-sided molecular genetic persuasion/affiliation. Catholicism is a genetic strain, as are all cultural/racial groups. Ordinary view is a dead view, but it is what attracts the ordinary multitude; the all-or-nothing view—be saved or damned—is very powerful. ]
 [Consider the silent, forceful molecular assault followed by backup 'talk units'; marine shock troops hitting the beaches, followed by propaganda/verbal support. The individual I, personality, is a verbal measuring device for Life. It faithfully and submissively provides continuing reports/commentary on what has happened: opinions of events. Personality never fails and never rebels against this duty: behavior in the center of the bell-curve. By this reportage (thinking of action) Life keeps a necessary separation within the growth of its Body, just as separate eyeballs preserve the function of 3-d sight. Consider separation spatially and temporally. Yet two views in fact is extremely unnatural. Example of 'not important who you vote for as long as you vote' being behavior far removed from the heart of the bell-curve, yet sounding true and believed by all as such.]
 [Pictures of yourself = picture of past behavior = backup 'talk units'; turning reality into history and history into reality. The Real Revolutionist can individually fill/obliterate the gap between action and TOA (Thinking of Action); annihilating both produces a third possibility which turns the corner—falls into the overlap of the two fields of vision; the equivalent of a green lens and red lens producing 3-d movie.