Jan Cox Talk 0363

Masterstroke, the “To Do” List

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 0363 - Jul 6, 1988 ** - 1:26
Suggested Title: Masterstroke, the “To Do” List
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  [The TWE ( To What End ) of "out there": without it man would not struggle to alter his planetary conditions --'environment'--for the better (in a Yellow Circuit manner). He would be non-verbally fatalistic, animal-like. The consideration of This Thing as: what to do vs. not to do, is connected to should we look to the future or to the past? What is the nature of the connection between these two sets of questions? Internally, is the molecular talk primarily about what should be done or not be done? Is the looking primarily to the future or the past? To What End is it so arranged that you can suffer over what you've done? All "to do-s" are ultimately unsatisfying and everybody is concerned more with what not to do vs. what to do. All 'to-do' is not legitimate/useful info for the ordinary because it's impossible. Life designs it so; a masterstroke. What actually succeeds becomes extinct. The Real Revolutionist 'extincts' himself. ]
  [The past speaks only in regrets—of negative info and unworkable plans. The future never speaks so. Man cannot properly speak/think of the future. The Real Revolutionist should be working on what to do; truly look to the future. ]
  [The "Stop" method is rebelled against by the nervous system because it gives insufficient energy/info. It always must ask: stop...what? The Real Revolutionist must stop the "wanting to stop". Wanting-to-stop interferes absolutely with just stopping. The Stop method produces Real Present—a feeling of being alive and cut off from the past. ]
  [Note: To What End does Life have even some involved in Group believing still that J. actually criticizes anything. ]
  [1:26 Excursion: pick out something in your life to apply the stop method to. Then write a letter to the editor of local paper about how you're going to stop whatever you've picked out to stop. ]
 [ 1:30 end.