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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 440 - Jan 4, 1989 * 1:40
Suggested title : Back to the Premise
  [Kyroot to :05.]
  [The "Faux Fallacious" or "Nutso" method: announce, proclaim a knowingly, willfully incorrect statement/answer. This "FF" method gives:
  1. time/breathing room. 
  2. opportunity for unexpected connections. 
  3. prevents ordinary repetition. 
  4. allows a silly freedom from ordinary seriousness. In your use of the method you may well find that the bogus answer actually has some merit even! ]
  [Is any/all knowledge the opposite of ignorance? Any knowledge, i.e., speculative, specious, inaccurate etc.? In the City, knowledge must be agreeable and expected in order to be accepted as fully compensating for ignorance. Consider: does 'ignorance' exist as a noun? Is it a thing? Note that it cannot exist without some human to be ignorant. But ignorance is treated as a thing, a commodity in the City.  It is actually a verb, a process and there is no cure for verbs. The Nervous System makes nouns of verbs; takes verbs as nouns. There is no cure for ignorance at City level. Knowledge and ignorance are conditions of the Nervous System; misappropriated adjectives. ]
  [It is possible to be engaged in physical activity without thinking. It is possible to be 'emotional' without thinking; but it is impossible to be intelligent without thinking. This last is unknown in the City; ordinary intelligence does not require thinking, only some success. If you look closely, clearly, you will see that you have never been any more intelligent than your birthright, despite all manner of increase in learning. ]
  [The premise for any story is the story! The premise = the conclusion. Any decent story must have a premise (set-up, plot) and a conclusion/payoff, but in the City it is never seen that they are the same thing. The premise must be saved to last to be effective, to make a story. In a real sense everybody is running backwards from the conclusion (premise/knowledge) to the premise-ignorance. All human intellectual activity is the disguising of the premise as the payoff/conclusion.