Jan Cox Talk 0443

The Cat Door

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 0443 - Jan 11, 1989 - 1:30  **
  [Kyroot to :05.]
  [The reversal of energy transfer by imitation of behavior (or answering with a return question) will stop the original natural transfer. What is said is not important --the energy transaction, circuit completion, is. Reversal prevents the completion of the energy flow. Problems in relationships = warts on hogs. The only possible City TOA (Thinking Of Action) in dealing with the basis of problem sources in human relationships (e.g., "failure to communicate the agenda of priorities") is to pay increased attention to the other person (see their agenda or priorities) or to pay increased attention to one's own priorities/motives. The Real Revolutionist must ask himself in every potentially negative interaction: What personal profit can it be for me to respond to this? When the energy transaction presents itself, he is already involuntarily engaged, and his only option is to ask himself the question, to cut off the ordinary basis of looking at the other on the level of his priorities/motivations, or useless self-analysis. This will disrupt the ordinary flow. The corollary: if the reverse is the case (where you feel impelled to provocative dominance, to initiate the transaction), don't look at it --ask the question of "what profit is there for me to act thus".]
  [There is a way to see man's intelligence as a kind of "cat-door" in consciousness, allowing an "indoors" to him. It is a gauging, measuring mechanism between, and creating, difference in an undifferentiated whole.