Jan Cox Talk 0445

4D View to a Pep Rally

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0445 video grab

0445 video grab

Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 0445  -  January 16, 1989 - 1:23
  [Kyroot to :04.]
  [People socialize to energize. "Get rich" seminars (including religious services) are criticized for not relaying authentic info, being bogus rip-off's, of not being other than "pep rallies". Yet everything in life is a giant pep rally, an energy exchange. Usually exchanges fall into the win-lose category in an apparently closed system. But they can be win-win exchanges when seen from the 4-d view. Every form of human activity involving "getting out of the house" is for the purpose of being energized at, by and for the higher end of the Nervous System: talk. There are no real hermits; everybody gets out of the house sooner or later in one way or another. The human species is more diverse than the lower animals because he is required to transfer more complex energies, energies beyond the physical food chain transactions. This diversity allows for even more potential conflict between men. This Thing is an energizer too; the energizing element however is self-consistent vs. the inverse consistency of other energy conveyers (i.e., knowing less about the energy transferred, the more impassioned their delivery). The Real Revolutionist would treat himself as a performer, like a retarded child, with amused condescension. ]
  [The Partnership is a "folie-a-deux", a shared madness; two are required, no folly/madness possible with only one partner. ]
  [A Real Revolutionist, after attaining a certain speed in This Thing, would rely on no codified system, no formalized behavior model in his actions. He would simply do what he does, outside the normal, with no method. ]
  [More on a resolved estrangement: never speak of the estranging event again with anybody, period. ]
  [Epilog: 1:21. Cast your vote in this "faux election" choice: “Should J. now codify This Thing for more general consumption?” 
End 1:23