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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 0452 - Feb 1, 1989 * 1:39
  [Kyroot to :04]
  [The absentee owner of the universe hires 3 landlords to arrange judgment day for the human race; they must decide the basis for judging each man according to 1) what/how a man has thought; 2) what/how a man has said; 3) what/how a man behaved. Each of these categories would have supporters in the City as to which was most important, but in general, men are not wired-up to be concerned, as far as changing, with what they think or say, only with what they actually do; they judge their change by their action, not thought or speech. The changing of the first two are discussed ad nauseam but are not truly attempted. Why is this so? In these areas of man's purview, where would 'feeling' belong? Note that J. could have included it as a fourth judgment basis and it would have seemed equally valid to the more restricted options given. This is the weakness of old intelligence, the injection point of the mold of man's consciousness. ]
  [In a conversation between two people regarding a third, absent, who is nevertheless represented by a letter he has sent to one of the two. One defends the letter writer thusly: "He is really nothing like this letter he wrote, which upsets you." This is really saying: "he is not his behavior, in this particular instance". But how is this possible? How can you separate a person from his behavior? This constantly escapes old intelligence.]
  [ NOUNS vis-a-vis VERBS
  [ GOODS vis-a-vis SERVICES
Consciousness is designed to take everything as nouns because it takes less effort to do so; it is a built-in laziness (conservation of energy). Nothing is required of man until verbs/services are involved. It is up to man to animate, make more complex, what is inanimate; man is required to turn nouns into verbs, goods into services. It is his lot to move what is in its native environment to another location; to optimize its value in energy exchange. Yet old intelligence still takes the service as animated, man-complexed goods, to be a noun! (or only a temporary verb). Thus no sentence is ever complete, conclusive; it has only nouns. Even "life" and "death" are seen as nouns, not services/verbs. ]
  [1:21 Questions addressed from Group. 
1.)Bankers, moneylenders have an odor about them resulting from their dealing with debt, and trafficking in the non-existent (money), this is the basis of the traditional prejudice against their profession. 
2.) Is it correct for a Real Revolutionist to have a child? The Real Revolutionist does not have to obey biological mandates from Life, they are irrelevant; the proper question for a Real Revolutionist in this regard is "what Revolutionary profit is in this for me?"
3.) Talent seems to be effortless and natural, uncultivated; should it be the same for us in doing This Thing?
4.) When Life is about to change something there is a strange dilution or breakdown of the usually well defined separation between TOA ( Thinking of Action) and Action.