Jan Cox Talk 0453

All Power is Ad Hoc

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 0453 - February 3, 1989 * - 1:15
  [Kyroot to :04]
  [Life churns everybody's account and in the short run, half the accounts will be ahead, but in the long run it is Life that is the constant and only winner. This is an optimal efficiency arrangement for Life. How better to utilize man's energies: wherever Life's focus might fall, everything is up to speed, activity is rampant. If Life too has an uncertain future, this would be the optimal way to be prepared for any contingency. What if you could do this internally; churn your own account?]
  [All power is ad hoc. Power is for the sake of its being exercised, and can only be exercised for specific, short term purposes. Power is not something somebody has. It resides in growth. Example of king setting up a committee of men to rewrite/update the bible. Such is immediately and constantly criticized by another part of Life's body as a blasphemous secularizing of the originally divine; this is really a criticism that the update is by a committee of men as opposed to a knowing individual. Note that whoever raises this objection never will offer, nor will his supporters insist, that he re-do the project himself, solo. No man can work alone. Life cannot afford to have all power vested in a single individual, it's too risky, he may be accidentally killed. Thus Life divides power up, putting a piece in each of a multitude of individuals, so they can collectively wield it. Not only can no man work alone, no man can think alone. The impetus has never arisen internally for one of the partners to assume power absolutely excluding the other. Only "Fabian" exercise of power is conducted: technique/strategy of stall and evasion. Connected to never complaining about anything comprehensively vs. targeting specific irritants (e.g., "I hate this whole job" vs. "I hate such and-such-policy about this job" —leaving the boss some option other than your outright firing). ]
  [Excursion: In a Sci-Fi type time-loop plot where someone must be returned to the past to redress/effect change to avert present time disaster, would you 1) work to find/return the agent to the past; 2) not do so because present already proves agent was returned successfully to the past; or 3) would you have no choice in the matter anyway?

AKS/News 0453

...and Kyroot said:
The pretense of change IS change.
...and Kyroot said:
One guy said he'd tried his best for a while at being religious, but that cheerfulness kept getting in the way.
...and Kyroot said:
Conversation Number 15/5: "Always clean up after your self." "You mean if I don't no one will?" "Contraire, the danger is that if you don't
someone else WILL."
...and Kyroot said:
For important matters just "correct postage" is usually not enough.
...and Kyroot said:
In the City, and yes, even in your inner City, when any new organization is set up the very first department that should be activated is always that of "Self Defense, Explanation,
and Apology."
...and Kyroot said:
To have intelligence without strength is to find the former impotent, and inoperable.
...and Kyroot said:
The free don't need weekend passes.
2/1 /89-(8)
...and Kyroot said:
My encouraging news for the day: Deposed kings rarely make a comeback.
...and Kyroot said:
At that off-the-park tavern last night I heard one chap heartily conclude that "Thinking is too complex a matter to be left to amateurs."
...and Kyroot said:
A Man with a convertible doesn't need a haircut.
2/1 /8 9-(1 1)
...and Kyroot said:
In City affairs if there is no immediate enemy there should at least be the appearance of one.
...and Kyroot said:
When one Revolutionist heard the proverb, "Mere assertion is no real proof.",
He thought, "Even though it may so in the City its good that the Bushes are not so confined."
...and Kyroot said:
There's more to freedom than just not being locked up.
...and Kyroot said:
The simple survive, the complex flourish.
...and Kyroot said:
Anyone who begins a sentence by saying, "Why, I can remember when..." should be let out of doors immediately before they can do further
...and Kyroot said:
One fine morning a guy looked in his bathroom mirror, spread out his hands, and declared, "Hey, I may not be much, but I'm all I got.", and his reflection laughed so hard the toilet made ice cubes.
...and Kyroot said:
There's a guy near Tripoli with legs not at all unlike a Queen Ann table, who sez he's got the goods on everybody - including you-know-who
...and Kyroot said:
If someone in authority asks you if your nartner didn't recently,
"Go to live with Elvis?" - look out!
...and Kyroot said:
Do note: Verbal re-packaging IS a form of new packaging.
...and Kyroot said:
Always remember: There's more where that came from.