Jan Cox Talk 0457

The Pretense of Intensity

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Jan Cox Talk 0457 - Feb 13, 1989 ** - 1:28
  [Kyroot to :04]
  [The allure of the exotic is a cellular-level drive to invade, explore new areas of the brain. It is a kind of hunger, emphasized in spiritual seekers who have no clue in which direction to seek. When experiencing the hunger of old City dreams for self-improvement, the Real Revolutionist remembers its cellular-level origin and significance, defuses its power. ]
  [The common saying: "It's all in your head, it's all mental" is unsatisfying to everybody. It is impotent and therefore entirely proper to the City. The "verbal big bang" of every creation story (in the beginning was the "word") which in time has become modern life, is always seen as an involution, a degeneration rather than the obviously favorable, relatively inexpensive churning, complexing, flowering of growth. ]
  [Men's internal musicians are like the band on the Titanic, bickering about what should be the theme song played as the ship sinks. ]
  [A Weapon: to resolve a vexing problem, instantly deliver the dilemma into the silent partner's hands while you concern yourself with some intriguing, challenging, but irrelevant train of thought. ]
  [Regardless of what you do or don't do, almost everything will be somewhat better in the morning. Nobody is wired-up to have a continuing awareness of this near absolute rule. The corollary is the "forget it" theory. It is complex because nobody in the City can do it. ]
  [To have a "human problem" is not to lack adequate info, it is to lack adequate energy. The pretense of intensity is the necessary intensity-energy for a Real Revolutionist. This must be seen, accepted and used by the Real Revolutionist. Life will not produce the necessary intensity, you must do it.