Jan Cox Talk 0458

Behind every Thought, is Another Thought

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 0458 - Feb 15, 1989 - 1:05
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  [Modern physics' "super atom" theory of creation of the universe from an original super-dense particle, and life from an original one cell, are material equivalents to J.'s one word" origin of all the non-material, the verbal. Behind every thought is another thought; behind every word is another word. This does not imply a subconscious process layer; the thought behind the thought is not necessarily related, non-causal, it is simply there. To be able to see and remember this, is Revolutionary Freedom. The ideas of subconscious / unconscious, astral planes of existence etc., are based on the reality that behind every thought is another thought. Metaphysics, the concept of transcendence, myths of life beyond the ordinary laws of physics, are the partial, crippled dreams of the cellular drive to expand into new areas of the brain. It can't go any further in ordinary thought than myth, fairy tales and psychology of the "unconscious". Whatever you think/say to yourself about anything is not the first word, nor will it be the last. Your thoughts are equivalent to unsigned, unsolicited, collect calls and telegrams sent to you by Life.]
  [In general the brain sees/judges others by their behavior, how they act. But it judges itself, its feeling of itself, is based upon what it thinks. You have no interest in learning about what others think about their own actions, which impact you adversely. But when your own actions affect others adversely you are only interested in making others understand what you think about them, i.e., explaining, making excuses. Your feeling of what you are is based upon your thinking of action, your planning, before and after the fact of your action. ]
  [Why is man wired to want to make sacrifices; to concern himself with "should do-s"? The Real Revolutionist should make the Partnership believe it is under the control of a powerful, complex, intelligence with a code of conduct.