Jan Cox Talk 0513

Tolerance Verging on Ambiguity

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 0513 - Jun 30, 1989 * - 1:08
Suggested Title: Tolerance Verging on Ambiguity

  [The question of man's freewill is not a straightforward either/or, cut-and-dried one. Is man utterly mechanical or is he not? Compare that even in the dog's mechanical turning around before lying down, there is variation. Life allows a small amount of freedom; it is required for efficient functioning. Real Info has to have tolerance, verging on ambiguity to be useful.    A corresponding appropriate name for This Thing: do you catch my drift? Kyroot said: It's not what you discover, it's the joyful process of discovery itself. Third level further: it's the near-illicit joy of discovering that you can discover!]
  [The Real Explorer has no backup plan. The ultimate backup: "I could have done it differently." or "I can change"—freewill from hindsight that is ipse dixit unprovable.]
  [Make 'you' afraid of you in the The Dialogue. Have a noncommittal tolerant friendliness toward The Dialogue; it should have the feeling that you could rape it at will —out think it at any time —so it might as well go along without too much fuss.