Jan Cox Talk 0526

Change Produces New Data

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Jan Cox Talk 0526 - 7/31/1989
Jan walked to the stage and introduced the topic of the evening:
“All Directions Reveal New Data”:
The production of new data reveals and it is an exploration with no premises
Low level awareness can be found through fads, vacations, new authors etc.
Life moves energy in a new direction, offering low level new info to the masses (i.e. growth process as a general level but on a personal level and on this personal level it coasts)
Unnoticed change of direction can only occur at the personal level.

He continued with that which is available ordinarily is ordinarily a shift in your personal position:
A change in your personal tempo
A change in your direction to where new info is available
A willful shifting of your direction internally 
Life will only give you 24 hours to shift your natural awareness; your internal dialogue.

He then talked about the delusion of opposition:
   -     Fear
   -     Guilt
   -     Right and wrong
   -     Discouragement
   -     Frustration, etc.

When life allows people to think they are on the verge of something extraordinary there is:
 Immediate opposition
 Life is arranged and weighed in such a way as to make This almost impossible
 Life recognizes no personal voice of anyone

It is only man that takes anything personally (other possible expansions on this for internal perusing):
 You must alter the fuel upon which you operate
 Life will alter the authority for which you know
 It is a change of molecular structure that occurs at the intellectual level
 You must make your own intellect more complex.

Everyone assumes that to make life more efficient is to simplify your life style while really complexity is the mother of efficiency.  You have to:
 Expand your alternatives
 Make more complex where you ordinarily live
 And consider that simplicity short changes possibility.

He then introduced the big question of the night:
“Why does it require help to stop something that you did not need to help to start with?”
In Life it is hard to find someone able to do anything solo
A complex situation requires something complex
Life requires a new definition; a new job possibility
It will always take more than one force to get anything done
A shift in direction produces new data; new growth
Life continually wants to remind you that you are in intellectual slavery
A thing completed with no questions has no apparent opposition.

The finale:
“You must do the deed with no comment.  Don’t answer the phone when the voices call!  You oppose ‘no comment’ by shifting your directions internally.  If you shift a little bit and do not tell anyone, then that is a ‘deed done’.  Who can oppose that which is irreversible?  
No premise is no opposition = breathing room.”