Jan Cox Talk 2525

Dreams Built on Dreams

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Jan Cox Talk # 2525   May 15, 2000 
Suggested title = Dreams built on Dreams

00:06  A few words about (sort of) what I was talking about last time.  I rewrote part of it...to include a similar, related subject.

00:24  [Reads]  A man's mind is like a dramatist that writes a play...

04:07  [Reads] As bad as it is to be in prison with no freedom at all...

04:19  To be enlightened is to face the facts, even the fact that you have but one real self -- and it is not the one that talks to you.

04:30  It ill behooves the man who wants to get to the bottom of things to say any more than is plainly called for....

05:25  A story is told of two seekers of the truth who enter a new land...

06:08  Legend also tells of a seeker who at the end of his life said, "Reveal the truth in every word you say and refer to the source in every statement you make."

06:30  This last of the three pages is what I was getting at tonight, but I did want to tie it in a little to this illusionary self.

07:17  "Reveal the truth.."  There is a very specific danger in saying any more than is necessary.

10:00  Bad taste after saying too much.

14:45  Speaking the minimum, speaking what's called for is 'speaking the truth in every word'.
When you don't speak the truth is when you say that which is not called for, that which was not required...

15:35  nugatory effect joke.

16:15  [Saying more] invites the illusionary self.

18:20  Negative speech.

24:10  Sharing a life raft with either a laconic man, or one who continually talks about himself.

24:37  Excessive talk...self promotion...

26:30  Illusionary self is a beard, a front.

26:51  I'll weave a metaphor:  It's almost as though the instinctive self finds itself born into a world that is no longer of just primary needs.

27:45  A little kid looks around at his parents and everybody playing pretend and he sees that they are always saying things that they do not mean.

28:35  It's like he gets in his brother-in-law who's a hairdresser and makes him act as his beard.

29:36  There can't be a real separation between the two, as even your illusory self is fed by your instinctive self....the secondary self cannot be in conflict, it is a representation.

31:00  If you can see it clearly then you've missed it.

31:37  You'd be surprised how efficient that view is, or how efficient things become when you understand that that's true.

32:45  "Reveal the truth..." ...emphasis not on what you say, but how much you say.

35:40  [Including] What you're saying to yourself, what we normally call thinking.

36:44  If you say only what's called for, you've revealed the truth....not to other people, but to yourself.

37:56  This method more profitable than anything such as selling off everything and going to a monastery.

42:28  If you get a choice between a mystic who says "I make this up myself" and one from a long pedigree....

44:40  Your whole life of trying to awaken from a dream is a dream.

46:02  To realize that is the 'perfection of enlightenment'.

50:00  There is clearly some validity to the perception of a 'state of sleep'...can be contrasted to a more awake state...

51:00 And now I say that whole struggle to awaken from that sleep is itself a dream.

51:28  It is an example of what I'm saying cannot be understood.

54:07  Just chew on that, because that's right near the bottom of things.

57:10  "Your whole life of trying to awaken from a dream is a dream."  You don't understand that.  I strongly recommend you consider it.

58:10  How can this struggle itself be a dream?  How can that be?

59:00  Jokes re reading Camus (pronounces Kay-mus) and Goethe (Goeth).