Jan Cox Talk 2527

You Should Get Out More Often

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Jan Cox Talk # 2527  -  May 19,2000 
Suggested title = You Should Get Out More Often
00:09  All living entities are under pressure to stay alive.
00:25  The ones who think experience it both physically and mentally.
00:30  Now ponder this:  A man under sufficient physical pressure has no notions of enlightenment or waking up.  What information does this fact hold?
00:43  Why are the recognized schools devoted to this goal places of limited physical activity?
01:06  Humans do indeed experience two forms of pressure, physical and mental.  Both are needed...but for the few one of them is anathema.
01:52  Taking the thoughts that pass through you to be a you within you confers to this illusionary self a seriousness that an awakened eye sees as provisional.  Thus is one liberated from unnecessary sleep-inducing stress.
02:14  Is your mind the same at noon as when it first awoke this morning?
02:35  One man describes that certain situation thus:  "Here's what I don't like.  When I'm sitting down, I'm sitting down...
02:51  Were it not for the appearance of emotional thought the few would not feel that they are confused and in need of enlightenment...
03:05  Note that being distracted by the mental pressure of being alive puts you temporally out of synch...
03:29  A truly civilized sleeping man is always in his own mind either early or late for everything in the secondary realm...
03:47  Even the most astute of clothing cannot, while tumbling about in the washing machine, correctly identify their exact location.
03:58  Remember that one father's advice to his son:  "You should get OUT more often."
04:06  Away from yourself is the only place from which to initially get a glimpse of what's really going on.  But to complete your understanding you must eventually get away from the very something that apparently got away from you initially.
04:28  And so we're back to this:  it's not just a question of what's going on here, but ultimately a question what is it that is going on in me that's behind my wanting to know what's going on here?
04:50  A monk wrote home to his momma from a monastery...
05:10  And a P.S. from me:  It sure is neat how only those less fully awake are fully convinced that they understand fully what being awake is.
05:23  A certain sense of urgency tends that state of distraction despised by the few...
06:00  The goal eludes the taut and frenzied.
06:05  Note:  no matter your circumstances, when your mind is firmly in the here and now there is never a sense of urgency about anything.  To wake up is to be unwound.
06:24  Trying to get to the bottom of all of this is like trying to follow a thread...
07:13  Question:  If you are physically in one place, and your mind's in another, where are "you"?
07:45  Try it again.  Ask yourself, "If I am here,  but my mind is somewhere else, then where am I?  Look quickly inside yourself and investigate the matter.  Where is my me?  Can it be both here and someplace else?  If it is someplace else, then who am I at that instant?  When you get to the bottom of this, everything else un-confuses itself, and you are freed from man's ordinary sense of uncertain urgency.
08:21  When you internally no longer see yourself as both an object and a subject, the pressure is off...
08:35  There is a certain sense of urgency that drives the ordinary lives of men and which is also the ambiguous annoyance that motivates the few to attempt what they do.
08:55  To himself, one guy finally noted:  "I keep myself pretty much knowingly distracted so as to keep myself from realizing how naturally so I am."
09:37  By the by, I think this is the same man, if you lost your place...he says "I keep myself pretty much knowingly... distracted so as to keep myself from realizing how naturally I am anyway."
09:56  By the by, I think this is the same man who  once said that he suspected that there were two forms of enlightenment:  being enlightened about everything outside of you, and then the bigger one of being enlightened about yourself.
10:14  Headline:  The Hard Question and the Equally Pesky Answer.  Q:  What's worse than being asleep?  A:  Trying to wake up.  And now the really hard part:  you're not perfectly conscious if you're still not conscious of consciousness.
10:38  It is natural for a dog to run with other dogs.  What is unnatural and potentially enlightening is for a dog to imagine that he has a master who is watching him run.
10:50  The ultimate execution of enlightenment is in the extinction of the watched-watcher illusion.
11:10  It's that same beautiful cosmic joke or illusion...it's the same thing as the accepted fact that people talk to themselves.
11:32  ...the only way that consciousness existed...is that the brain has the ability to talk and to listen to itself talk.  And so, thus there seem to be two entities, two operations going on.  That's at the bottom of all of this.  It's at the bottom of consciousness [c'ness] and it's at the bottom of people like us -- or me -- who do not favor the ordinary state of c'ness.
13:48  Headline.  Potentially perky fact:  If you chase a dog long enough and with sufficient unthinking dedication, you'll eventually forget what you're doing.
14:06  The condemned prisoner asked the warden, "If I don't think about the execution, will I still be dead?"
14:15  And on one planet there are only two kinds of creatures:  the living, and the living.  They're not conscious there yet.
14:28  Headline.  A mystic's alpha-to-omega medical news:   You're as awake as you feel.
14:39  And now a mystic's omega-to-alpha medical news:  How you feel determines how enlightened you are.  To some this fact also goes under the heading of I don't like it even a little bit.
14:56  And one man mused, "I've had almost as much fun trying to wake up as I've had at the times I actually was."
15:08  And here's an example of a news item about which no even partially enlightened person should have any comment:
15:24  More info concerning the need to get to the bottom of it:  Everyone wants something to hold onto, but with the few, holding blindly onto the desire to awaken eventually becomes self inhibiting.
15:36  Junior Quiz Time:  Why be distracted, disturbed and confused when you don't have to be?  A:  Because it's natural.  It's actually a quite advanced question...
15:56  An inter-office big game hunting tip:  The rhino of urgency cannot withstand the dart of laughter.
16:16  And now a bonus question for extra points:  What's wrong in the following statement?  A man says, "If I had not been so mentally out of control for so much of my life, I would not now know all that I do about being asleep."
16:47  Fact:  the saying of the word 'enlightenment' IS enlightenment.  Or, if you want to get technical, that which is responsible for you saying the word enlightenment is enlightenment.
17:05  What drives the hunger for so-called enlightenment and awakening is from beginning to end the fact that there is one thing that can never be understoo-od.
17:15  When a fully enlightened man speaks, only he fully understands what he is talking about.
17:22  Two sons were discussing a certain question one of them had posed.  "If a man makes faces, jumps about, waves his arms and hurls curses at you, what is it that disturbs you, his words or the man himself?"  And their father was passing by and said, "Neither.  You're disturbed by the mind."
17:42  There are two forms of action relevant to man:  actions outside himself and actions inside himself.  And the few find only one of them to be of personal relevancy.
17:53  Stage One Motto:  Change all you can and ignore all the rest.  Stage Two Motto:  Ignore it all.
18:10  Three examples of sleep:  Ordinary men are asleep and don't know it.  Routine mystics are asleep and do know it.  Real mystics are asleep but no longer have the facility to know that they are.  P.S.  This unrecognized facility is what is at the bottom of all this.
18:39  Why spontaneity is extolled for the few and why being so is so difficult:  when you are wound up, you are uncertain and uncertainty is the antonym for spontaneity.
19:04  Even though you may not think of yourself as living with a certain sense of urgency, you normally do.  And it has the result of making you feel mentally uncertain and confused which for the few are synonyms for being asleep.  So let's all sing "Unwind yourself, it's later than you think."
19:30  Ordinary people -- which would be us -- but ordinary people do not sense any purpose to life.  They have no purpose in life.  OH!!  Except when asked.  And then, to be ordinary, one of the definitions, one of the manifestations of being ordinary and sane is that you will, with scant -- a momentary hesitation, give the purpose of life.
21:29  Whatever car your dog is chasing -- maybe he even has his teeth locked on the bumper --  that eradicates even any possibility of anyone considering any kind of question like "What's the purpose of life?"
22:41  But now on to us:  only people -- as I usually call them, mystics -- only a few people ever try to look into a certain matter, or that certain matter.
24:42  From my view... ["What is the purpose of life" is not the answer to what is the most important question.]
25:24  I say that that's not the matter that I finally looked into.
25:34  I say that the real question should be for the few "What is the purpose of this 'me' that I feel that's in me?"  That's the matter.  That's the matter into which that I say a real mystic eventually must look.
25:58  Believing that there's a purpose to life, being concerned over such a question, and I repeat, most people are not.
26:50  We start off on the wrong foot...because mystics... believe that there is a purpose to what...believe originally there is a purpose to life, believe that this activity in some way is an investigation.
28:15  To people wired up like us mentally [finding the purpose of life] just seems like an all-inclusive statement of the goal.
28:36  If you get up to the point that you can undertake what I say is the real investigation, by then you must have, at least nonverbally,  some sort of suspicion verging on comprehension that there IS no purpose to life.  If there's a purpose to life, I can tell you this:  you'll never know what it is.  It cannot be understood by the mind.
29:08  The mind is too much the new kid on the block;  the mind is too far removed not only from the Big Bang, but the mind is too far removed from your STOMACH, and your lungs, and your reptilian brain.
29:39  No one ever considers that the matter that they should be investigating is what is the purpose of this 'me'?  What is the purpose of this me that drove me over here, that I believe will be driving me home?...What is the purpose of that?
30:52  [First News Item]  "All living entities are under pressure to stay alive."
31:43  The ones that think experience the pressure both physically and mentally.
32:04  It would have been easy...to say "For those wanting to awaken, one of these is unnecessary."  And we're into the great realm where that's true and not true.
32:36  I say that this pressure from one view, this pressure to stay alive...is what people like us call being asleep.
33:06  There is a mental pressure which is natural...from the physical pressure arises, the son of that father, the mental pressure.
37:55  The ordinary pressure, the very things that the Sufis and the Zennists and all other stripes of mystics have always referred to as being asleep, being identified with life, being trapped as opposed to being free, it all, from one model, is no more than the ordinary pressure mentally that everyone feels, the pressure to stay alive.  It just does not seem to be as direct as the pressure to eat when you're hungry...
39:30  The whole thing about being asleep, the whole thing that annoys real mystics...it's nothing but an aspect of the pressure in all living creatures to stay alive.
40:20  Nobody sees any worthwhile potential in looking at it in that manner?
40:30  The day will come, surely with all of you, that you'll see, if you're not already feeling it,  that something's wrong.
40:50  Of all the sticky areas that I could get into verbally that would surely rank among the world champs.
41:00  Certainly something's wrong.  I struggle against it every day.
41:17  After many, many years of accepting that it took a gradual...it slipped up on me that something was wrong with feeling something was wrong.
41:55  I can't believe it's been that difficult for you people to get over feeling that something's wrong outside of me.  I got over that...
42:43  The first stage is to realize that nothing's wrong outside of you...
44:20  It's just ridiculous to look out at the universe...outside of you, I can't believe that any of you really believe anything's wrong.  It's not, and that's just it.
45:21  I realized that the ranks of mysticism that it was still almost entirely peopled by those that claim that the whole struggle to awaken was to be able to help your fellow man...straighten out the sorry mess on this planet...there's no mess.
46:04  The problem was in me, my c'ness.
47:53  It began to come upon me that something is wrong with my feeling that something is wrong.
50:19  You're trying to follow a thread, and it's a figure of speech, "Follow a thread"...trying to do this, trying to get to the bottom of it ...imagine there's a thread in your hand...not only is it so small that it can't be seen...but worse than that...it looks just like a thumb and a finger...that's trying to awaken while not knowing what you're doing.