Jan Cox Talk  2541

Living in the One Dream

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk 2541 - June 21, 2000
Copyright Jan cox, Jan's Legacy,  2008
These notes prepared by DC on 1/20/2008 from audio file.

Suggested title : Living in the One Dream

00:01  For all of you people who are looking for room 324, this is it, but I must tell you that the scheduled lecture on child development will not be presented so that we may present the one of "Total Child Abandonment."

00:17  Tonight I'm going to try to speak to you with a certain kind of passion no matter how hard I have to fake it.  Because what I have to talk about cannot be talked about intellectually.

00:53  Years ago I thought that the hardest thing to talk about would be the topic, "The Uselessness of Talking About Anything."

01:12  There is one thing that is more difficult.   But tonight...watch it.

01:23 (reads) The head of a certain monastery one morning so addressed the monks:   "For twenty years I have given you the answers.  Does everyone still have them?"   And all the neophytes waved their little notebooks in the air and shouted out in the joyful affirmative.  Then the elder said, "Good!  Throw them away.  I'm now going to give you the questions."

02:10  In the world of man the mind is the measure of all things save one.  And it is this failing that brings us here today.

02:29  If man lives in a dream, it is in one, big, all-encompassing dream, not in many small ones, which is what those seeking to awaken generally believe.

02:45  What is this one big delusion and why is it so overlooked?   That is the opening question.

02:56  Now, a fable.  There was once an abacus that could make all of the calculations natural to such a device.  The abacus became dissatisfied performing its normal operations and decided that what it wanted was a knowledge of its own inner soul.  Question:  Do you by any chance spot a possible, ridiculous little flaw in its expressed goal?  Remember:  it was a perfectly functioning abacus.

03:45  One man whose house had very high ceilings with many skylights was infested with flying insects.  They stayed entirely high up in the skylights, pressed against the glass.  Question One:  What action, if any, should he take regarding the intruders?  Question Two:  If you figure this is an allegory, what do you figure it's offering to tell you?  They stayed entirely, exclusively........

04:33  The only real way the mystical traveller  can ever realize the true nature of Paris is by comparing it to the enlightened city of Istanbul, once he arrives there.    Please note:  both cities exist only in the mind.  Why does no one take this into account?

04:54  Question:  What is the difference between Prisoner A and Prisoner B?  Answer:  What is the difference between Mercury and Venus?  Why does no one consider this matter?

05:08  If there was a mental reality behind the word "indifference" to be grasped, experienced and held, the struggle for enlightenment would be soon but a memory.

05:22  One man says, "It seems to me that the part of the brain we call the mind is engaged in activity that is primarily a waste of time."  A second man asked, "On what basis do you make this judgement?  Are you positive that the activity you complain about does not serve some useful purpose of which you're unaware?"  And the first man replied, "Okay then, I deem it a waste of time on the basis that I don't like it!"  And the second man asked, "But how can you say that you don't like the mind's present activity since you have no experience of its acting otherwise by which  to make a comparison?"  And the first man pondered this for a moment then replied, "You know, you're right.  You've made me realize it.  I guess I do like it after all.  Thanks."

06:11  One day, during a lull, the Universe looked at itself and said, "Hey!  I can't 'look at myself'!  What the hell was I thinking?"

06:33  One day one man was so struck:  When thoughts pass through my mind, the wind ruffles the leaves.  And when the wind ruffles the leaves, I look and think, "Ah!  The wind ruffles the leaves" and do not realize that when I think about the wind, it does to my mind what it does to the leaves.  Question:  What is the wind doing in a man's head?

07:06  One man considers every day dual-D day, a day of destruction and a day of departure.  He says that without these two outlooks and intentions, what's the use of even getting up in the morning?

07:21  Another fable:  There was once an echo canyon that did its job very well and would faithfully respond to whatever was said anywhere near it.  The canyon became restless and felt that something was missing in its life.  It eventually decided that what was needed for a full and satisfying life was a personal comprehension of its own vocabulary resources and verbal skills.  Question:  Do I really have to say it?

08:00  The curious world in which the few reside is the place wherein a man can see a runaway horse flying by who cries out to him as it passes, "Hey!  I'm a runaway horse!"  And for some reason, the man feels better for it.   Question:  Why is that so with people like us?

08:24  The history of us:  When the mailbox is there, mail arrives and mail is read.  When the mailbox is not there, no mail arrives and you're freed of a useless habit.  Question:  What do you understand this to indicate?

08:45  Thoughts are to be used, not analyzed.  Analyzing thoughts is a pastime for those willing to waste their time.  Question:  What use do you make of thoughts?

09:00  While pretending that they were somewhere between Paris and Istanbul, a boy asked his father, "When will we be enlightened?"  And the elder replied, "When a flashlight shines on itself."  Question:  Why do those interested in this goal so loathe to clearly define it to themselves?

09:21  It has been said that the search for enlightenment is the search for one's real self.   But consider this:  what is it that you now have with which to search for your real self except your real self?  Why would you or anyone else go off on such an important search using only an unreal self?  Or, if I may say, how do you expect to find your real self with your unreal self?

09:57  The Fable To End All Fables Regarding The Search For Enlightenment For Those Almost Ready To See The Matter For What It Truly Is.  There was once a mirror that wanted to know what it looked like.  What it LOOKED like.  What it LOOKED like.  What the hell kind of thing is that for a mirror to want?

10:31  It has been said that what we seek is so close to us that it is difficult to see.  But I say that the reason it's difficult to see is that it is us.  Question:  What do you say?

10:46  There was once a train on which everybody rode that had no engineer as far as anyone could see.  In fact, there was disagreement among the passengers as to the direction of, even the existence of tracks.   As they rode to who knows where the passengers all acted as though they individually each knew where he was headed and indeed was directly influencing the train's journey.  None of what they claimed to believe was true.  But since there was no one who was not ON the train, there was no one to correct their mistaken beliefs.

11:33  The following is a quote from the opening of an unknown holy book.  "In the beginning, Life was as it was.  It remained so in the middle.  It was also like that at the end."

11:50  And now, today's final question:  What is the one, big, inescapable, obvious and all-encompassing dream in which man lives?

12:04  And, oh yeah.  A man who does not understand what words and thoughts are can say and think the truth and still be wrong.

12:18  So, now I guess I'm stuck with talking about it, except...yeah, I wrote one more page and I decided not to include it.  But now....what the hell.  I know I'll regret this.  For you on tape, I was just being melo-dramatic.  You know, when you have a mel-on head, it seems a shame to...

13:33  See, I'd written this already...it was like a lark -- or a small house sparrow.  I thought, I'll just write down as simple and as crude as I possibly could -- of course I'm not going to USE it...just as a joke between me and me...

13:56  Out of all this concerning the thing that absolutely cannot be talked about and that no one should even try...what you were not intended to have heard:

14:33   To live an ordinary human life you must believe that you exercise some control over your life.  To believe that you can awaken you must believe that you exercise some control over your life.  To believe that you exercise some control over your life is to be irreversibly asleep.

15:01  That took my breath away, that I actually put that down.  But here's what's worse.   It came to me that no, I could even improve on that.

15:16  To be a sane human you must believe that you exercise some control over your life. And to believe that you exercise some control over your life, you must believe that there's some distinction between you and Life.  And to believe that there's some distinction between you and Life is to be insane.

15:45  Those of you who were here last time, I promised that I was actually going to answer a question...and I presented a question to you last time...

16:06   I had already proposed to you that from my view there is only one dream...you take it to be that there are a myriad of delusions, little small dreams, dreams that may be only native to you...I say skip all that.  I say that it would be to your benefit if you could go past all that and see that there is -- if we are living in some dream, I say that it's only one dream...There is only one delusion, if indeed we suffer from any.  There is only one mistake.  Only one.

17:47  To be ordinary, to be sane, you must believe that you exert some control, that you have some power over your life.

19:53  There's one thing that people do not ask themselves, no sane, ordinary person.  And that is, "Do I exercise any control over my life?"

20:09  Indeed contraire, there are people who believe that they do not, who claim that they do not.  But are these people considered by our contemporaries to be sane? No.  Never...They usually have some sort of corollary story to go along.  That they have lost control of their life because the government has, during the night, sent people in black overcoats to implant some kind of secret chips in their head...

21:08  I always like the way when Life comes up with an anomaly, it always make the anomaly stand out like a damn -- damn anomaly!

21:28  Life won't allow people just to be anomalistic.  Life does not produce someone who says, "I have decided that most of our life, our everyday life, particularly our financial life, is being directly controlled by an unknown conspiracy of some men of great wealth."  That's never the end of it...Life won't let it stop there.  There are many areas that Life will not let an anomalistic idea out without the anomalistic idea wearing Groucho glasses and nose.

23:15  There's one thing that people do not ask themselves, and that is:  "Do I have any control over my life?"

23:26  No sane, ordinary person -- listen to me -- no sane person ever asks themselves, "Do I exert any control over my life?"  Never.

24:45  But what's even more interesting to me is that no one attempting to achieve the kind of goal inherent in This kind of activity -- they never ask themselves.  They speak continually about being under mechanical influences, being under gross cosmic waves.  That until you get in touch with a super secret upper brotherhood of life...that your life...is under gross, mechanical,  low frequency, dull...evil influences...the Great Liberation...inner captivity and the captivity is always that of some sort of mechanical forces, less conscious forces...powers that run through the universe.

26:28  There has been almost an endless supply of people coming up with charts...this godhead or the creative force behind all of creation...then it begins to descend...

27:42  They talk continually about breaking free of unwanted mechanical forces...that dulls their sight, that thwarts the free rein of their consciousness.  They talk about having part of their life out of their control.

28:13  No one ever confronts the question...as things stand now,  "Do I have any control over my life?"

28:53  Just for the sake of us morons who are not present tonight, do you want me to go ahead and give you the moronic answer?..Why does no one ask themselves hat?  What's their answer?  "Because it's a useless question, certainly we do."  Six billion morons.  I shouldn't have said that.  That was too close to a hint;  wasn't it?  Scratch that.  I just got carried away.  I'm such a m...I always want to say "misogynist", and I think well, that's somebody that hates people and yet who'll go around and rub them on the back and shoulders...but all the time despising them.  Have I got my words confused?

31:01  I say that it's not possible to be in an ordinary state of mind...it's impossible to be ordinary and believe...think that you do not exert  some control over your life.

31:21  But let me put it to you another way, instead of talking about people, other people.  I say that you can't sit there, any of you, that  you can't sit there, right this second and be in your ordinary mind...you cannot deal with that question...You can't do anything but refute it, out of hand dismiss it.

32:01  The only mind that could ask that question would be a mind that was fully liberated...once you hit that spot, the question's irrelevant anyway.  Because the question is irrelevant, but the question's right at the crux of everything.

32:38  The mind...cannot conceive of the possibility that it has NO control over the life of the body in which it resides.

33:37  If you're waiting on me to say what I suspect some of you are waiting on me to say, I'm not going to say it, in case you were waiting.  I can't say it...

 34:44  That's not just a tasty self-consuming sentence I made up.

35:29  Consider the possibility:  What would it be like if it could be proven in some way that you had no control whatsoever over your life?  I don't know how....somebody would have to appear that everybody believed was in charge of all this...what if he came down and said..."You've done a fine job.  I'm not here to destroy everything...but..."There is an illusion, and I'm very aware of it because it was part and parcel of My creating you, there's an illusion that you exercise some control over your life..."

37:36  What if it were true...that no one exerts any control whatsoever over their life?...What could you make of it?  What could you do with it?

38:10  For those of you that are really getting sharp footed, you do realize that anything you did with it would be a dream.   That is, anything that you pondered and thought about would just be you killing time...The mind can hardly do it.

38:54  If that were true...would that not answer every damn thing?

40:04  I propose to you that if you can play that kind of mind game...and you picture that if it were true...man would have no more complaints.  Not just you, not just people attempting to awaken -- as always, we'd be a special class because you'd no longer be struggling to awaken;  you'd no longer have an interest in it  -- but no human on this planet would any longer have any complaint other than a survival, a physical complaint.

42:00  One sure sign of being asleep is that you feel that there is a distinction between you and life.  That is right at the heart of what I'm talking about tonight.  [Example of talking to a close person re drinking]

44:23  If there was not that, you would not believe that you could have any influence over your life.  [Before the exuses set in, everyone has an awareness of this.]

46:14  Nobody drinks.  Nobody takes drugs...Life drinks.

47:00  Alright.  You want to have some fun?...As you go about your little activity tonight after you leave and get home, or on the way home, ask yourself..."Am I actually doing this?"

48:28  Who is doing that?

49:17  You can't go around and do that for any length of time...and not have something extraordinary happen to you...You'll suddenly realize what's going on.

49:38  Our whole life, the consciousness of man is tacitly based upon the fact that we do exert...you have to exert influence on your life to think.

50:00  "The question's ridiculous."  "OK.  Well, in that case, it won't hurt anything to think about it."

50:07  That is the one dream.  That is the one delusion that no one deals with.

50:38  That's all man needs.  By now.  You couldn't start out there.

51:07  ...I had the nerve, after all the fancy shit that I've made up throughout the years, to come in here...and come up with some kind of garbage like this...

51:45  I don't mean it allegorically.

52:11  Right at that question, "Does man exercise any control over his life,"  just right in the midst of all those words is every damn thing that you could want to know;  is, the secret to everything is right in that question.

52:48  Did you intend to stand up?  Is that you standing up?...When did you decide to stand up?

53:50  One final hint:  The most captive, the most tied that a person can be is to believe that they're free.  There is no greater manifestation of what everybody, including me, has called being asleep...Don't look for small little dreams.  It's only one, that one.

54:35  Now the question is, did I actually intend to come here and say that?

55:29  I pointed out that even a man that knows what's going on can't tell you what's going on because no matter how hard he tries, he cannot be fully accurate...it's like this whole delusion is continually flying by you.  It's a runaway horse.

57:46  It's the answer to everything, and no one ever asks the question.