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Thoughts are Fiction

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk # 2542 - June 23, 2000
Copyright Jan cox, Jan's Legacy,  2008
These notes prepared by DC on 1/28/2008 from audio file.

Suggested title: Thoughts are fiction

00:01  Since we went so far off the cliff last time, I wrote some more.

00:06 (reads) A man went to a sage for counsel.  "I dreamed that I was swallowed whole by a dragon.  And from my place therein I heard through the dragon's ears and I saw through the dragon's eyes.  What does this dream signify?"  And the sage replied, "It is the picture of man's unknown circumstance."  And the dreamer asked, "But what about the part of my hearing through the dragon's ears and seeing through his eyes?"  And the sage replied, "Being aware that that was the case indicates an awareness of man's circumstance.  Life does not 'eat men up,'  men are part OF Life with no conditions, exceptions or ambiguities.  Those who relax to this simple reality are loosed from an imaginary imprisonment brought on by an illusionary expulsion.  Men of ordinary mind feel somehow trapped in exile, not realizing it comes from the mind feeling somehow separated from and other than all the rest of everything.  The dragon has ears, the dragon has eyes, the dragon has thoughts and they are no different than yours."  Thus did the sage interpret the man's dream.

01:55  One man complained of multiple little ills.  A correct diagnosis would have revealed that he actually only suffered from a single large one.   The problem is that the source of the single large ill is also the only means of making such diagnoses.  Is this a slick setup, or what?  Is it not neat how the pancreas fits right into the loop of the duodenum and how Mars stays out of Mercury's way?

02:37  Don't keep dwelling on the endless, everyday small complaints your mind has about you and your mental condition, but rather turn your attention differently and bring into focus the one large single condition in which man lives that drives him to have the small complaints.

03:05  Once a prisoner knows for sure that he will be shot tomorrow and that there's nothing whatsoever that he can do about it, he can then relax and enjoy today, whatever 'today' may consist of.  P.S.  If you find this allegory to be unnecessarily JARRING! then you still don't realize what's on your schedule for tomorrow, or where you are at the present.  Come on!  Wake up and smell the leg irons.  No more liberating aroma exists in the entire universe.

04:00  Headline:  This Ain't Your Grandfather's Archery We're Talking Here...There is a certain curious sport in which taking careful aim assures that you will miss.

04:22  One day during a slow period Life took a long, leisurely stretch and slowly rubbed its stomach -- Ahhhhh -- then suddenly said, "I can't rub my own stomach!  What the hell was I thinking?"  We ain't talking your old-time, limited-view, personally-centered view of enlightenment here, Folks.

05:00  I didn't write this down as a News Item but it just hit me it should be one.  In the form of a question, what is the one form of enlightenment that's not enlightenment?  Enlightenment that's personally centered.

05:24  Back to the written news.   One guy says,  "When I was younger and first heard the notion proposed of there being a group of unknown people somewhere secretly directing the destiny of man  I was horrified.  But now sometimes, rather wistfully, I almost wish it were so."

05:52  Everyone is a fish in the same large ocean.  No one knows the purpose or direction of the many waves and currents that carry the fish along.  Although when asked most say they do.  Everyone is a fish in the same large ocean.  And since none are not in the ocean, none have any ability to make an outsider's judgement of the affair.  Although most speak as though they do, continually.

06:34  Everyone is a fish in the same large ocean and only the few who are aware of it are not choking from an imaginary lack of oxygen.

06:48  A fish separated from his water is a sad sight to see.  A fish cannot be separated from the water.  Wake up and smell the salty brine, an aroma to shock you into an awareness of where you really are.  P. S.  Actually, the only way that you can keep from smelling the salt water is to be hard asleep at the very bottom of the sea.

07:22  One guy asked a second guy, "Are you an alien from another world?"  And the second guy replied, "No.  I'm from your pancreas and you're from the brain."  And the first guy said, "So, even though we're different, since we're in the same person I guess we're actually pretty much the same."   And upon hearing this coalescing information brought to light, all the other guys chimed in, "Yeah!  All pretty much the same."

07:53  Note:  A man put together right is a unified inseparable whole.  Note:  All men are put together right.

08:05  Further note:  This is also true of Life.

08:13  In his attempt to understand clearly the difference between being asleep and not being asleep, a monk asked the head of his monastery, "If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck is it for sure a duck?"  "Yes," replied the master, "unless it is a chicken passing for a duck."  The monk pondered this reply then asked, "So, how can you tell the difference and not be fooled?"  And the elder replied, "There is no way to protect the thing that distinguishes between ducks and chickens FROM being fooled.  That's the nature OF the thing.  You have reached the critical junction where the folly of mental distinctions is able to be seen.  Do you see it?  Do you know what I'm talking about?"

0914  One chap graces us with the following info about his current approach to that certain goal.  I have turned my attention exclusively to these three matters:  feelings, not thoughts;  out there, not in here; and to the question of whether I exercise any control over my life or not.

09:49  The secret metaphysical truth about Life that the mystics claim to seek is the same truth about Life visible constantly, just without the comment.  Thus the secret aspect of Life is not some aspect of Life, but of the one experiencing it.  Ergo, don't be looking for a secret, be looking for a secret way of looking.

10:23  A boy came to his father and said, "I've been thinking about something.  Is the mental condition that some of us so dislike and call 'being asleep' caused by the ordinary though erroneous belief that we can and do have some control over our life?"  And the old man sternly advised the boy to never say such a thing ever again.

10:51  Unfactual Facts.
Number One:  To live an ordinary human life you must believe that you exercise some control over your life.  To believe that you can awaken you must believe that you exercise some control over your life.  To believe that you exercise some control over your life is to be totally asleep.

11:20  Unfactual Facts Number Two:  To be sane you must believe that you exercise some control over your life.  And to believe that you exercise some control over your life you must perceive of there being some distinction between you and Life and to perceive of there being some distinction between you and Life is to be in - ah - sane.

11:43  Unfactual Facts Number Three:  If it were true that men have no control over their life, it could not be proved to the mind, in that human thought would always find an exculpatory explanation for whatever proof was presented.   So -- Pffft -- there.

12:11  So, one man settles for a personally composed poetic view of the matter.  "I am here at this moment not just for me but on behalf of Life.  I see what I see not through my eyes but through the eyes of Life.  I live not just the life of me but rather the life of Life.   At one time I did not understand this.  At one time I was much confused.   But now I am aware of the leg irons, I smell the saltwater and I am free.  I am bound only to the reality of Life and thus I am free."

13:06  And finally, a certain father said to his son, "I have told you everything I know that could help you.  But there remains one thing that I cannot ever say to you."  And as the lad was about to protest this, the elder added, "But that's okay.  I can't even say it to myself."

13:42  Well, what the hell do you expect me to say about this?  I gotta stall....

14:02  Some things from out there in the world...An interview...television producer and scriptwriter...a cop drama...a thinking man's TV producer...interviewer asks...character, Sgt. So-and-so was so unexpected...how did you come up...with a character...so out of the norm?...[answer] "We were trying, of course, to be as close to real life as possible...I went away, spent a lot of time up in a cabin...and then it hit me:  that almost everything we know about police work and the kinds of men...is based upon...[other TV cop dramas]...In case you need help getting where I'm going, I'm saying it would be quite easy, and not at all uncalled for, for someone to make an observation and say, "That is ridiculous!"...it sounds like a proper criticism of man's ill-use of the mind...rather than dismissing that, what's there to dismiss?

21:39  You would think that if somebody was going to study Life, that they would study life in a non-fictional way;  right?...not go home and watch movies, go read other novels about police work.  You'd just be rehashing some other person's fictionalized account.  Does anybody understand it doesn't make a damned bit of difference?

22:45  Everybody's basing their life on the same thing...[e.g. religion] instead of basing their life on Seinfeld, they're basing it on another piece of fiction, the Old and New Testament.  But they would say, "I'm living my life by a good, solid standard."

23:44  How about the idea of having role models and heroes?  And everybody will say that they've been influenced by somebody...you believe that you're writing the script of your life, or trying to, and you're basing it on some non-fictional character, your father or your uncle...no, you're not.   You're basing it on, from your view, what goes on in your head about your father -- that you're writing a fictionalized script.

24:47  Anybody who listens to their thoughts is listening to fiction.  Now, it can be closer;  it can be -- like they used to call them -- docudramas...you would be a little closer to a docudrama if you were basing it on your father than it would be if you were basing it on Jesus or Mohammed or Thomas Paine -- God knows how he got in there.

26:36  From one valid view, it is just foolishness...for a man to say...accept that his view, the general view of some area -- police work, the Mafia -- for a man to say, "Well, we get most of our information...[from outdated fiction] so I try to make my characters more up to date...That is, compared to his fictional characters, I'm going to make my fictional characters more real."

28:00  What I was really getting at is for a man to believe that he is writing his own scrip anyway -- I was really going to pick on us.  How do you know what to try and do? "I've read about it from the likes of Buddha..."  You're trying to accomplish something based upon fiction, fictionalized characters.  'Cause even if there was a guy -- if there was a reality behind Buddha or Moses or Jesus, do you understand that Moses, Buddha and Jesus are fictional characters?  Not because of any conspiracy.  Because you thought about them.

29:40  One time I was travelling with a fella who was interested in such as This and we ended up sharing a motel room....he wanted to shave in the shower...dropped hand mirror...said he couldn't shave without a mirror...

31:28  Alright, another one:...it's exactly what I'm talking about, exactly what I was talking about Wednesday night, and all the News Items I wrote tonight.   Two people are talking and one of them says, "Did you hear about Elmer?"..."...an 18-wheeler crushed the side of a car he was driving, knocked him into another lane and he was hit head-on by a second 18-wheeler.  It took them eight hours to cut him out of the car."..."...the only thing they can find, he's got some bruises..."  And the other guy says, "Is he a lucky son-of-a-gun or what?"...If you do not live as though there's a distinction between you and Life, everything's either good luck or bad luck.  And it can change instantly...if he was a lucky guy he wouldn't have been hit to begin with...I'm going to offer you...another trick.

34:37  Take it upon yourself, try, just as an ongoing task, approach that...you remind yourself that right this second, I am not looking at Life through my eyes;  I am here on Life's behalf.  This is Life looking at life;  it's not me.   If I didn't recommend it highly I wouldn't bring it up -- especially since it may sound so vague.

35:50  It's like you open up the back of your head...I am not looking at Life;  Life is looking at life.  And, trust me, if you can find out how to do it, it is not spooky.  Of course, I don't know why I worry about you people finding something spooky  The only thing I find spooky anymore is ordinary life.  That is, me being ordinary;  that's spooky...Somebody asks me a question about me and I end up saying a little something, actually volunteering information.  And I'll suddenly hear it and that's spooky.

36:56  You can feel empty, which is the whole point of -- I sort of liked the one, if you didn't get it...the secret metaphysical truth about life...that all the mystics claim to seek is the same truth, that everybody sees constantly.  BUT, the secret truth is to see it without comment.  That is, you see it, and you're not muttering to yourself.

39:07  I called it a trick or a method but it's not.  It's more than that to me because I know it's true...All I've got to do is quit muttering....It's not me looking at life;  it's not me listening at life.  It's Life doing it.  But you can't have such an awareness and be in an ordinary state of mind.  They're absolutely mutually exclusive...you know that you're not the guy next to you...you're you...that has to be the state of mind to be ordinary, to be sane.  But it's also the state that's required to be asleep.   And I had a guy propose in a News Item tonight that that's all that being asleep is.  That's the beginning and end of it, the very state that people like us complain about.

40:32  If you can be aware that it's you looking for Life, or that it's Life that's actually doing the looking...it's as though Life, that is, the entire universe is behind me and it's like I set down finally.  It's like Life was trying to watch its own parade and finally at least somebody, somewhere...opened up a trap door in my head and now Life can see;  that I know it's Life back there, looking through my head.  Which is what the opening story was, the guy's dream...Life is looking;  Life is listening.  The only difference between being awake and being asleep is being aware of that.  And knowing the answer to the question, "Do men exercise some control over their life, or not?"  Always remembering that there is no answer.

43:35  There are two answers that come to mind, but what you don't understand, they're both cover words for [snoring sounds].  I did that because I don't know how to make the sound of stupidity.