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That’s the Hint

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk # 2549 : July 10, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan's Legacy 2008.
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Suggested Title: That’s the Hint

Begin:  [Reads]  Some things are essential, some are merely human.  Trying to awaken is one of the latter.  Hey, but don't say that I told you.

00:19  [Reads]  This invites a question.  Even if it is in the strictly human realm, if something you want to do becomes essential to you is it not, then, truly essential?  And hey, don't say that I asked.

00:39  [Reads]  Once your brain produces the activity men call 'mind' and you have become but a synapse in the collective consciousness of mankind, drawing a mental disctinction between what is essential in your life and what is not is a challenge both beyond the note of man's ability and interest.

01:11  [Reads]  A man wanting to get to the bottom of things should have a keen, keen interest in this matter.  To wit:  what is essential in my personal life and what clearly is not?

01:25  [Reads]  Investigating this can be pretty boring but hey, that's life.

01:34  [Reads]  One man believes thus:  "If I understood fully the workings of my brain, I would be awake."  And a second man believes, "If I fully understood the workings of my gut, I would be awake."  The third man was closer to the truth for he would say to himself, "If I understood fully the workings of my gut, I would understand the workings of my brain."

02:12  [Reads]  Everyone lives by instinct but in their minds most believe that they live by mental concepts.  Such a belief makes man able to rearrange the environment to better suit himself, but does nothing to instruct him regarding inner worlds...in fact confuses him when he turns his attention thereto.  And someone asked, "Are you saying that the mind always lies to itself?"  "No.  The better way of looking at it for the moment would be to say that the mind is not physically capable of seeing anything factual about itself that will assist in understanding its actual nature."

02:57  [Reads]  Remember:  Only the enlightened do not know what is going on in the conceptual world.   For the simple reason that they know full well what is going on there.

03:08  [Reads]  A father inquired of his son, "Would you rather be witty, clever and mentally impressive or have good digestion?"

And the lad was already too close to the light  to fall on such an attractive hand grenade.

03:29  [Reads]  One man poured a bit of water into an uninflated balloon, tied the end, laid it on a counter, and with his thumb began to press down where the water was, attempting to hold it steady in one spot.  He says that doing this reminds him of his efforts to calm his mind.  Neat.  But since he didn't mention it, does he not realize that his thumb and the water are the same thing?

04:02  [Reads]  Even if you could train your dog to stay in your yard, yards have a universe in which to run wild.  Don't say that I brought that up.

04:15  [Reads]  Headline:  More About Conceptions and Instinct.   Put in strict though artificially discrete terms, if you're thinking, you're conceiving.   And if you're eating, you're instinct-ing.  If you are eating and thinking about something --.

04:45  [Reads]  Turning away from his typewriter, a lad said to his dad, "I enjoy writing about waking up almost as much or more than I do actually trying to do it.  Is this dangerous?"  "Yes," his father replied.  Then after a brief silence the boy asked, "But is it natural?"  "Yes," replied his father.  And after another short pause the kid asked, "So, it's both dangerous and natural?"  "Yes," said his elder and this time, the pause of silence lasted four years.

05:24  [Reads]  Query:  If one of the attributes of something is that it is natural, how can it have any other characteristics?

05:38  [Reads]  One man said, "Turtles are the only creatures I know who have a real self."  And someone asked him why he says that and he replied, "'Cause they're the only ones who do not try to give the impression that they have a self.  That's the key clue that they do."  And the one who asked about it was then left to dangle and wonder where such an idea places man.  See, right there is where all the useless problems and meaningless questions arise:  from man all the time wondering where he stands in relationship to this or that something or other.  If self analysis produced any nourishing fruit would not all men by now be fully self aware and bursting at the seams with the understanding of everything?

06:39  [Reads]  Headline:  The Sound of One Half of A Man Awakening.  States one man, "I have adopted the position that says, 'An enlightened man is not controlled by conditions.'  So, if conditions make me want to act one way, I struggle against doing so.  Thus, I am not controlled by conditions -- assuming we overlook the fact that it was conditons that caused me to struggle against what they intially wanted to make me do."

I guess that could be subtitled, "Freedom -- Of A Sort,"  or "Freedom of The Foolish."

07:31  [Reads]  As uniquely capable as is the mind, in some ways it seems either unable or else unwilling to distinguish between what is real and what is not.  For instance, a man can stand in front of the remains of the Coliseum in Rome and say, "There is history."  There is not history.  There are the remains of a physical structure.  There is no such actual thing as history.  History truly does not exist.  A man looks at the Coliseum and his mind can say that it is history, as words he has read regarding Rome's past float through his head.

08:14  [Reads]  What is essential in man's life are things -- all physical.  His culture and other nonessential pastimes have no reality other than what the mind gives to them.  And under routine conditions men appear to be oblivious to this protruding fact.  No small numbers of men claim to 'seek the truth' and say they want to distinguish the real from the unreal.  But few show any signs of having travelled the final inner distance to make such a realization possible.  And it is such a simple matter:  If it's in the mind, it's unreal.  And if it's outside the mind, it is real.  Beyond this there is truly nothing else to look for.  But note:  just telling the mind this doesn't instantly awaken it to the fact.  For the matter is as complex as the universe itself, yet as simple as a drop of water.  All you need do is look at what's really there, and not at what's not.

09:26  [Reads]  One Thursday morning, the elder of a certain monastery for awakening addressed the assembled neophytes and declared, "Groove on this, my little would-be groovers.  That is, the absolute, the thorough uselessness of self analysis IF we have no self."

09:54  [Reads]  Until too long in the tooth, everyone seeks excitement, which is to note that all living creatures react to stimuli.  And that the one species with mental concepts will in fact seek out same when none is instantly extant.  Some men seek excitement in matters instinctive while others look for theirs in matters mental.  But either approach matters not for the few seeking the truth about things, for to ever get to the bottom of all this you must find a form of individual excitement not listed in any common calendar of upcoming public events.  The excitement of trying to wake up to the non-conceptual realization of life is known only to those who discover how to properly try to do it and who finally find out how to properly not try to do it.

10:55  [Reads]  The coin of the realm in the land of the liberated has on one side stamped, "Struggle" and on the other, "No struggle."  And it alone has any value.

11:20  [Reads]  One man has two views on the same matter.  Sometimes he believes that if you constantly thought about thinking that you'd be awake.  While at other times it seems to him that to constantly think about thinking would be to be asleep.

11:38  [Reads]  Question:  Can a man reasonably hold two conflicting views of the same matter?

Yes, if he is closing in on the place where the light clearly shines.

11:55  [Reads]   Giving up or throwing away physical items of which you're fond can be a challenge.  Doing so with mental ones is almost beyond human ability.  Thus I note for you again that while the paramount rule in rock climbing is to never let go of what you're holding to until you're holding to something else, the rule for scaling the sheer wall of liberation is the exact opposite.  In desperate times save yourself.  A man who believes anything regarding the non-physical world is a fool.  Really.  Literally, he is a fool:  a great little reminder.

12:41  [Reads]  And finally one headlined, "The Curious, Curious Curse of Those Who Would Awaken:  Only when they think of sleep do they dislike being asleep.  But that's not the truly curious part.  What's truly strange is that none of them seem to face this inescapable fact and attempt to learn therefrom.  Indeed, a most curious affair.

13:38  A very clear distinction that people do not want to make..[is that] between the physical and the non-physical world...All religions continually talk about the difference between the carnal, physical world and the spiritual world, between the world of man and the world of God.  And mystics do it in their own way...

15:13  People who consider themselves to be spiritual...will claim to see a very clear distinction between the physical world and the non physical...that there is something inherently wrong, evil, misleading...in the physical world.  And it is only in the spiritual realm that anything worthwhile...once we get through this vale of sin, sadness...we go home, to be with God...In other words, when it comes down to it, the physical world is bad and the spiritual world is good.

17:43  (I stall because I can suddenly just contemporaneously think of four or five really smart-ass comments to make...)

18:37  The other error...that is most common is that, similar to their distinction that the physical world...is bad...they love to point out...death is the curse that man pays for offending God....before he made God mad...he was eternal himself...now death is part of the curse, that and work...

19:55  ...the other way...that they make an error is that the spiritual world is in fact the real one and that the physical world, the physical life is the unreal...[and in Eastern systems] the whole thing's an illusion...

21:46  But it's beautiful...this whole arrangement...it makes sense if you listen to it with the ordinary mind...in spite of the fact...that you just look at life and you think, "You've got it absolutely backwards."  You've taken the observable, the readily observable reality of life...and you have just turned it inside out...

23:13  All things that are essential to life are physical...not just religious fanatics, but intelligent people would deny that...they would say, "How about art, literature...the stories, the ideas?"....

23:56  There is nothing essential that is not physical.  I'm sorry; that's just a fact...

24:10  Anything that's not physical is an elective course.  It's a distraction;  it's a pastime....culture...every bit of it is a process or product of the mind...there is nothing essential to life that is a product of the human mind.

25:57  You can't live a fully human life without the inventions of the mind.  Or to put it another way, you can't live a fully human life without going to sleep, as we call it.  You must -- to start with.  No one lives a fully human life who is not asleep and deluded...

26:33  If these strictly human affairs were not of some necessity, why would humans have invented them?...So....there is no way that you can argue that it is absolutely unessential...I would have accomplished nothing if I could wipe out culture;  that wouldn't wake up people...even while I can say that it is the human realm in which we sleep.  The mind is the sole source of what we call asleep and delusion.  It's not the body;  it's not the physical world.  It's the mind.

27:26  So, I could say were it not for the mind and its children we would not be asleep.   There would be nothing for our dogs to continually chase.  We'd be down to the essentials...we wouldn't be asleep.  But then to say...if all culture were gone...would we be awake?  No.  It's not the way it goes.

27:53  Humanity, including people like mystics do not realize this...you're going to live in a dream unless you understand what the mind is.

28:30  Back to my challenge...anything that's outside the mind is essential.  And anything that's in the mind is nonessential.  Or the way I really like it, that always cheers me up:  Anything outside the mind is real.  Anything inside the mind is unreal.

29:01  Who would you find on this planet that would understand that?

29:57  Anything I read you tonight, I just made it up.  It didn't come out of a tin mine...there's nowhere I can put my hands on these so-called facts and News Items, models...the mind of ordinary man is either unable or unwilling to realize that everything in the mind is unreal...

31:44  What else are you going to call what goes on in the mind? If that table is 'real', then what are you going to call my thinking about the table...?

33:48  The less people understand about the mind, the more they seem convinced...of the superior nature...of things that are unreal...

34:44  You've about seen everything if you can just realize...it's as though...a child invented this little toy and put it out there, he believes is God...but he looks at it and forgets that he invented it...

35:29  You can't blame it on men; it's the mind operating...the mind of ordinary men...is either incapable or just simply unwilling...in realizing that everything that's in the mind is imaginary.  (I like 'unreal' better because it's more offensive...)

37:43  There is a belief...that culture can triumph over the essential...the continual complaint...over the rise in anorexia...all kinds of eating disorders because of society, which is culture...because society has placed such a great premium...over the thin...feminine figure...this is a form of believing in God or life after death...that the mind is the real and the physical is the unreal...the idea that society...has come up with this idea that the ideal feminine figure is gaunt...and that it's ruining the health of women, that they have been brainwashed...they're believing that the unreal can triumph over the essential...in the same way...for a man to say, "Alright, kill me, but I will not denounce God."...

49:40   ...another News Item...I pointed out that everybody seeks excitement until you become a bit too long in the tooth...one of the descriptions of being alive is reaction to stimuli...most creatures...if they don't think, they just lay around [until stimulated by hunger]...but the rest of the time, they just seem to nap, except for otters....I think about them a lot.  You know what they are to me?  They're making fun of everything.

50:57  Anyway...it is considered to be a very sophisticated...problem...I am not saying that there are not people somewhere who...seem to be starving themselves...but I'm asking you to consider this...the human world does not overcome the essential.  Sometimes it does...but it is an acute, an obscene anomaly.  Suicide being the obvious one...

54:03  The human mind collectively assumes that a rational human cannot, will not go against the essential drives...I'm just saying it doesn't happen.   And yet you are surrounded by such things as eating disorders...martyrdom...that's the supreme belief in the unreal...that the human mind made it up, then looks at it, and then calls it more real, calls it ultimately "The Reality" as opposed to my foot, as opposed to my digestion, as opposed to a tree, a mountain.

55:03  And people wonder why it's so hard to 'wake up'.  Wake up from what?  You're in a madhouse.   No you're not;  you are a madhouse...."but I'm trapped in there."  No!  You're a madhouse;  there's nobody in there.  That's what the madness is:  "I've got to get out of here."  No, you are the madhouse because if you look in, there's nobody in there.  There's nobody wanting to get out....then I have to point out..."I want to awaken...achieve enlightenment."  Well, that's fine until you look inside and say "Who does?" and there's nobody in there....then you leave thinking, "Well, I still do."  Yeah, I know.  That's the hint.