Jan Cox Talk 2555

False Thinking and Lies

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk 2555  : July 24, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan's Legacy 2014
These notes prepared by DC on 08/02/08 from audio file.

Suggested Title : False Thinking and Lies

00:02  [Reads] One man had monkeys who came into his house, which he hated.  He would constantly shoo them out, but no matter what he did nor the threats he made, as soon as his attention was turned elsewhere, the monkeys would be right back.  He eventually discovered a new tack:  he began to pretend that he enjoyed having the monkeys there.  And his brother asked him if doing this stopped the monkeys from coming into his house.  The man appeared to ponder the question for several moments before responding, "I don't want to really say that doing this either keeps them out or doesn't keep them out.  But what I will tell you is the problem, as I saw it, has ceased to be."  This statement baffled his brother.  But it gets even better:  the solution to all bothersome human conditions is to be neither bothered by them nor to pretend not to be.

01:26  [Reads] Consider.  There are two salient characteristics of man's instincts.  They neither have problems nor do they speak.  I wonder, could there be an enlightening connection between the two?

01:39  If you notice, based upon what I've been speaking of recently, when I say "instincts" I'm referring that model of man having an instinctive mind up to the old reptilian brainstem and then the new, conscious mind that thinks and speaks. So, this last part...two outstanding characteristics of man's instinctive mind...instinctively, we have no problems...

4:10  You must be conscious to have a problem:  greed, envy, sloth -- if that is a problem.  I don't know how they ever slipped that in as a problem.  I noticed they didn't check with Buddha on that.  Sloth seems like an attribute of being enlightened to me...

04:29  The things that humans call problems ...are not on the same level as being hungry, or cold ...it's not "My God!  I'm hungry!  I need to see a psychiatrist!"

05:50  Our instinctive mind...doesn't have problems, plus something else.  It doesn't speak....

06:10  [Reads] A father suddenly leaped out from behind a door, surprising his son as he yelled, "Quick!  A pop quiz! If you use the mind to try to suppress thoughts, what do you get?"  And instantly the lad yelled back, "Additional mental agitation!"  His father smiled broadly, then yelled, "Okay then, what's the solution?"  "I don't know," the boy yelled, "leastwise in my mind I don't."  And the old man's grin reached epic proportions.

06:46  [Reads] A young monk asked the head of the school, "How are you able to tell if an applicant is suitable by talking to him for only a minute or so?"  And the elder replied, "I ask him a question and if he is here at the moment, he will answer immediately.  But if he does not answer immediately, it means that he is not here at that moment.  And if he is not here at that moment, he does not belong here at all."  (That's one of those I just wrote to irritate me, in case you didn't get anything out of it.)

07:23  [Reads] In a political contest between an incumbent and a challenger, their relative positions are reflected in the two slogans, "Nothing beats experience" and "Time for a change."  Consider how this relates to the rule of rock climbing being that you never let go of what you're holding to now until you're holding to something else, and how just the opposite controls if you're seeking to scale the wall of waking up.  "Yo!  Nothing beats experience."  "Hey!  Time for a change."  Don't waltz yourself into an impotent stupor -- especially if you're just dancing with yourself.

Oh, I know -- that doesn't apply to anyone.

08:25  [Reads] A boy said to his father, "When I hear a lengthy, complex and intelligent conversation between two people, I marvel at the fact that even though neither of them has planned or thought out what he will say, the conversation yet flows so smoothly and effortlessly between them that you would imagine otherwise."  And the elder responded, "You look at it too locally to understand what is going on.  Step back and you'll realize that it is actually a flow taking place in Life itself."

09:02  [Reads] Why, after suffering a personal tragedy, do otherwise reasonable people when asked what their first thought was at the time inevitably reply, "I thought, 'Why me?'"  For what reason do they never think, "Why not me?  Why should I expect to be exempt from the usual and inescapable consequences of being alive?"  Such does not simply represent reprehensible egotism, but rather verbally exemplifies the very unrealized operational organization of the homo sapiens mind.  As regards man, "We are what we are because we think so highly of what we are AND the reason we think so highly of what we are is because we can think."

10:08  [Reads] All conflicts perceived by man's mind have a single cause:  false thinking.  Consider that it is thinking in terms that are not true to reality that is the sole source of all the various forms of contention among men which are unique to man.  If what you think and say does no more than tell the unadorned truth about the matter at hand, then you will not sleep, nor ever be uncertain.

10:45  Face it!  Unless you willfully maintain a screening and ignoring and forgetting of stimuli that is totally irrelevant to the goal of awakening and freedom, you will forever remain asleep, in captivity, and illusory captivity at that.

11:08  [Reads]  There are two ways to experience head trauma:  physically and otherwise.  The otherwise to which I refer can only be brought on by one's own actions, and cannot be diagnosed by another, nor treated by anyone but the person themself.  Question One:  Why would anyone cause head trauma to themself?  Question Two:  Where do you go learn how to do it?  Lest this momentarily frighten anyone, let me assure you bringing on this otherwise type of head trauma is almost impossible to accomplish.  Ah well, so much for yet another 'easy way out'.

11:59  [Reads]  If talk can cure mental problems then talk is the cause of mental problems.

12:12  [Reads]  Headline:  As Regards Some Men's Concept Of A Certain Unusual Goal.  Show me a man who undertakes an impossible human goal, and I will show you a man who cannot win.  Show me a man who does not undertake such a goal, and I will show you a loser all the way down the line.

Is that irritating enough for me to maybe comment on later or not?

Or is that sufficiently irritating prima facie?

12:55  [Reads]  Many of those wanting to get to the bottom of things believe that the way thereto is through some type of 'doing'.  A fewer number believe that the way is through some kind of thinking.  Both groups are incorrect, and both groups are correct, and both groups are altogether something else entirely.  The trick is for you, individually, in your thinking and in your doing, to become something else entirely other than correct or incorrect.

13:29  [Reads]  If your mental train rides a track on which traffic can run one way one day and the other way the next day your thinking is on the wrong track.

13:43  [Reads] As he would peruse some writings regarding awakening, one man would periodically say to himself concerning the ideas therein, "Entertaining, but not useful."  For he had begun to understand that when it comes to actually making the state of awakening a reality, no additional information is useful.  You just do it, or you don't.  Even though this be so, in fairness and truth I must add hearing a reading about awakening from the mind of one who knows serves to shake our mind from its slumber and enthuse us with incitement in anticipation of the day when we shall join their ranks.  The mind alone cannot awaken you, but without a mind that constantly fills itself with the thrilling and extraordinary ideas regarding the matter, what hope do you have?

14:47  [Reads]  For a mind born to this business all thoughts about enlightenment from the enlightened are both entertaining and useful and are indeed a needed inner nourishment for which there is no substitute.

15:03  [Reads] A father told his son, "If you stop spinning an egg and speculating on its content it will break open of its own accord and freely reveal itself to you."  And the lad instantly suspected that the elder's comments had to do with abandoning the mind's spontaneous, ceaseless and foolish analyzations of life and allowing the actions of life to speak directly for themselves, directly to your stilled and quieted mind.

15:32  [Reads]  The difficulty in catching and understanding the song of a bird that flies by you is not due to the flight of the bird but to the flight of your mind.

15:45  [Reads]  If talk can cure humans' mental problems then talk is also their cause.

15:55  If a man would get thoroughly to the bottom of the question "Who am I when my mind asks 'Who am I?'" he would achieve everything enlightenment has to give.

16:10  [Reads] After experiencing unexpected additional enlightenment for the umpteenth time, one man now pictures his position in private eye terms as "Case solved but I continue to look over the file for new clues to crimes I do not yet know exist."

That was to help explain to some of you who wonder "How much further can it go?"  You can keep discovering brand new clues to crimes that you don't even yet know have been committed.  But there it is, a brand new clue.  Now all you have to do is find the crime...

17:00  [Reads] Headline:  Everything A Real Mystic Needs To Know About Real Mysticism.  If it doesn't accomplish something, it's not mystical.

17:22  [Reads] News from page six:  All conflicts perceived by man's mind have a single cause:  false thinking.  Consider that it is thinking in terms that are not true to reality that is the sole source of all the various forms of contention among men which are unique to man.

17:47  Things go on continually in life.  They go on, on a large scale, the news, continuing conflicts, in the civilized world, conflicts that are apparently, for instance, based upon religious belief...[by "false thinking"] I don't mean that you're believing in false things...it's false thinking from an ordinary level, from an ordinary level.

20:01  And the next part -- let me read it again -- Consider that it is thinking in terms that are not true to reality that is the sole source of all various forms of contention among men which are unique to man.  Now, of course, as always, Life has this going on for reasons that I do not know...some of you who are really getting a strong constitution, you ought to at least finally get around yourself to just considering the possibility that even Life doesn't know...

21:04  False thinking -- the reason I bring this up, even though I'm isolating reality, bringing down a universal to a local level;  that's the only way we can talk about it -- some of you might find this useful because it gets down to a more basic level than I have been talking about the past couple of years.  It is not even using the mind at an ordinary level, to the extent that an ordinary person can use it.  It is false thinking, the only reason that two groups of people...all contentions that are unique to man...it is caused, even at an ordinary level by nothing other than false thinking...

23:21  From the level that most people's mind can work, ordinary reason and intelligence...language...all unique human conflicts come from not using the cortex, the conscious part of the brain, the mind.  They all have one source, they can exist in only one way, and that is by false thinking.

23:57  False thinking is thinking in a way that obviously does not reflect the reality of things...I'll use Northern Ireland...

27:39  Everybody's ordinary mind would have the ability...their mind can see that what it says about it a certain situation about which it's contentious, about which it is in conflict with some other group...that what they're saying is the reason...does not match reality.

29:09  For you to turn to somebody and say, "You insulted me...."  Only thinking that does not match reality...I don't want you to miss it:  even a man's ordinary mind can be made to see that.  (I'll get into it more Wednesday.)

30:17  We're talking about fighting over reputation, feeling, opinion, fighting over things in the cultural world...there is such a faux passion...

31:31  For the conflict to arise, for the conflict to be sustained both sides have to have an apparent passion about it or there is no conflict, there is no contention.  But if you are not part of it...you can hear it, emotion...well, all human emotion in a sense is faux emotion to me. Well, it is.  Because all it is, is the conscious mind's elaboration on instinct, some sort of disguise, some sort of rearrangement.

33:02  The falseness of the passion if you're not involved is easily smelt, easily heard.  They're too passionate...

34:35  The reason they must engage in this pretentious, this overblown passion is because it's all meaningless and it's based upon false thinking...

35:26  A person involved in that cannot stop and ask themself ...they cannot stop and take what just was said and then simply turn and look at the reality -- I'm talking about physical reality of what's going on ...they can't do that because they realize what's being said does not match reality.  It never does.  In any human conflict, it never matches.  It is false thinking.  You understand how much of the world runs off these conflicts?

38:45  Without conflict man's secondary world, the cultural world would not exist ...the whole secondary world, if you can see it, is based on conflict.  And that's not even my point...

41:55  My point is back to where I started:  All such conflict is based on one thing.  It's sustained by only one thing and that's false thinking, of thinking about the subject at hand in such a way that it does not match the plain reality of what's going on.

46:26  How about we've got a Jew somewhere and it's 650 A.D. ...and he thought, "Wait a minute.  I'm walking around here, me and my family, believing in fairy tales and here's this guy and they've got another fairy tale and I was about to get mad and offended because his fairy tale wasn't the same as mine."  And he thought, "How silly of me."

49:49  "What the hell am I getting mad for?  Just because my favorite one is Sleeping Beauty and it turns out his favorite one is Cinderella, I was about to hit the guy.  Am I out of my mind?"

50:08  If anybody involved would simply look at what the reality is...

53:05  It's false thinking.  It is the human mind saying, and saying to itself it believes that which physically does not match reality...

53:55  It's the inability of the mind to tell the truth...the inability of the mind outside of essential matters to tell the truth about the world it created, the cultural world.  It does not do it ...if it did do it, that world would fall apart ...there can only be Protestantism as long as there's something for it to be in conflict with.  And it can be in conflict with something only if the participants in it and whatever opposes it ...only if the participants engage in false thinking;  only if they will think in such a way that it will not match the physical, plain reality of what's going on.

55:13  The whole cultural world's based on a lie.  If you can't eat it, screw it or sleep in it, it's a lie...if it is not directly connected to physical survival ...it exists only through the courtesy, only by way of the human mind not calling things as they are...

58:41  I used up time that we could have taken up a collection and sang another hymn, but now it's too late.  That shows I'm not a Protestant because it's never too late to take up a collection.