Jan Cox Talk 2556

Hey, What's the Problem?

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk 2556  : July 26, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan's Legacy 2014
These notes prepared by DC on 10/06/08 from audio file.

Suggested Title : Hey, What’s the Problem?

Begin:  I assume you people will get it if I tell you this...[I was reading from] the archives, "Energy, Power and the Ultimate Roseland"...19 -- I think it was '89...I read the whole thing...and I got to the end of it, the final line and I was kind of astounded by it...

01:34  [Reads]  Man's consciousness is not in a state of sleep as mystics call it because he is stupid or cursed but because his conscious mind is not constructed nor organized to think about things simply as they are but rather as they could be, as they might be.  This natural disinclination to think about life as it is solely accounts for man's technological and cultural achievements.  But this dreaming also has the side effect of making the way he thinks about thinking unreal and unreliable.  Do you see it?  Since his mind constantly thinks about things in life in ways other than they are, his thinking about his own thinking is not based on reality but rather it thinks of itself in ways that do not fit the facts, that do not match the reality of what is going on.  A man thinks of himself not as he is but, for better or worse, as he could be, as he might be.

02:46  [Reads]  Even closer scrutiny of this suggests it's not so much that the mind cannot see and tell the truth about things as it is the matter that it can't stick to the truth.  Once something has attracted the mind's attention sufficiently for it to think about and comment on it, it is then unable to confine itself to just telling the truth and describing the thing as it actually is.  It is the mind operating in this normal and predictable manner that the mystics refer to as the conscious mind being asleep and being deluded.  From the view of the few this judgement is understandable, but with most it is arrived at based on a faulty interpretation of the evidence.  For example, someone may observe a relationship between men's body type and their temperament but their mind will not let it stop there.  It will lead them to abandon the simple truth of what they saw and cause them almost immediately to begin concocting an imaginary and unnecessary elaboration of what they discovered as they then attempt to explain the relationship based on a man's childhood, the position of the planets, and so on.

04:07  [Reads]  Man's instinctive mind deals with life on a straightforward, literal and no-nonsense basis, while his conscious mind not only creates a cultural world of metaphorical life, it also lives therein forgetting where it came from, in a place where the thoughts about things nonphysical never perfectly match the things they purport to represent.  Such is the cultural land of metaphor.

04:39  [Reads]  When the basic survival needs are met the instinctive mind is quieted but the conscious mind is never so stilled for its hunger can never be satisfied as can the stomach's be for physical food, for the mind feeds on metaphor and allegory, on words and explanations of things, not on actual, substantial things.  Ergo, the constant state of change common to the unique cultural world of man's conscious mind, a phenomenon totally unfamiliar to his instinctive mind.  So, it could be said thus, "To be asleep is not a matter of not knowing what's actually going on in life but rather of not realizing what's going on in your thinking about what's going on in life."  Hence a man's unfamiliarity with himself and thus what he normally takes to be himself might be best described as "his habitual failure to face the truth of what he obviously is".

05:43  [Reads]  Consider this affair to its very basis:  the conscious mind does not naturally see life nor ourselves as we literally are.  But perhaps it is not possible to even change this.  But what is possible is to realize the situation which is, in fact, all that is ever possible and all that is needed to awaken.

06:10  [Reads]  If a man's conscious mind occupied itself mostly with instinctive matters he would think of little more than about sex, food, physical comfort and their peripheries.  And if a man's conscious mind occupied itself primarily with consciousness he would think mostly about the mind.  So, in one instance a man's mind is occupied principally with his crotch, his stomach and overall physical pleasure while in the other, his mind's time is taken up in large part with its thinking about itself.  Now some questions:  "Which of the two sounds the more benefiting of a man?"  "Which of the two would seem to hold the greater possible results?"  "And which of the two seems to you to have more of a real-life basis?"  For advanced students the test comes down to but a single question:  "Do you recognize what is wrong with questions whose correct answer is proposed and presumed to be one of two possible choices?"

07:17  [Reads]  A father told his son, "It is the clinging to useless things that makes us prisoners."  And the lad replied, "And I suspect that you're not referring to things physical."  "Indeed not," said the old man, "Specifically I mean to cling to false notions about ourselves which we know are false and yet which the mind has no mind to let go of."  Then the boy asked, "So, what are we to do, Papa?"  "Why, wake up, me laddie, wake up and tell yourself the truth for a change."

07:55  [Reads]  There's an important historical footnote to this scene which is as follows:  Analyzation is not the same as telling the truth.  Every Tom, Dick and Caroline analyze themselves but not a Dick among 'em ever face the truth about themselves.

And another less significant addendum to this sorry fact:  The mind believes that it tries to tell the truth.  It indeed insists that its highest calling is in the pursuit of the truth.  Bless its little heart.  And a man captivated by his mind will never see through this fascinating and quite believable mirage which the mind has concocted for itself.  If the mind says that it's telling the truth, who or what is there to say otherwise, if otherwise it be?  That's right, you.

08:50  [Reads]  The problem, based on my present model, is this:  If the mind is a yard and thoughts an unruly dog, what it accomplishes by continually running away from home is to save it from having to face the truth about the yard.

09:07  [Reads]  Being asleep, as the mystics call it, is more than simply a bad habit.  Being asleep is the failure to realize the reality of what you are.

09:18  [Reads]  Headline:  The Two Minds and The Telling of The Truth.  The instinctive mind can't talk so it can't tell the truth.  It acts it out.  The conscious mind can speak and could tell the truth about things but if it did so it would destroy the cultural world.  So, there you are.  The truth is what it is.  What the conscious mind says is the truth, isn't.  So, there you are.

09:53  [Reads]  Those seeking so-called enlightenment could be described as people whose minds look for more out of life than is there.  Not the same as those with ordinary minds which naturally look at life as being potentially other than it is.
Do you get the difference?...

10:28  [Reads]  The mind of the mystic does not look for the circumstances of life to be arranged differently but rather looks for something amid the circumstances that no one else even thinks about.

10:42  [Reads]  Next time your mind scoffs at television, for instance, ask if it understands that television, books, plays, radio, lectures, computer games, conversations and normal daydreaming are all the same thing to a man trying to think clearly.  If your mind doesn't immediately realize this to be true...well...I'd try to get away from it if I were you.

11:08  [Reads]  A speaker declared, "Everyone either wants to be famous or else they want to go unnoticed."  And from the crowd a voice responded, "But you just touched on the two extremes.  What about those in the middle?"  And the speaker waved his hand dismissively and scoffed, "Ah, those other six billion?"

And ask your mind if it understands this one also.  And if not, my previous advice still goes.

11:42  [Reads]  As they stood amidst the books in their massive metaphysical library, the father said to the son, "Do you now understand that notwithstanding all of the many and varied descriptions given throughout the ages to that certain specialized hunger to awaken, that what it is, that what it simply and truly is, is the mind's desire to understand thinking?  This is all that any of it is and anyone who says otherwise hasn't got a clue."   This was not the first time the old man had said something similar and it never failed to give the lad an instant thrilling chill.

That seemed to have gotten all cluttered up...

13:35  [Reads]  And now another addition to our file known as "All That A Real Mystic Ever Needs to Know about Mysticism".  If it's not as plain as dirt and as curt as a stick in the eye, it's not mysticism.

"Oh, Papa!" cried the child, "My eye is bleeding!"  "Good!" he replied, "Now you're dealing with the real thing."

14:01  [Reads]  And, oh yeah:  Keep remembering that there is no such thing as awakened thought that is critical thought.

And some poor soul immediately complains, "But if I can't find fault, what can I find?"
"With that approach, sir, certainly not the truth."

14:25  [Reads]  Instinctively children too freely will express their instinctive desires.  But as he matures and begins to live increasingly in a world dominated by his conscious mind, he increasingly is disinclined to directly express his instinctive desires.  In fact, once fully grown and civilized, his instinctive voices are seldom heard save through the filtering mask of his cortical consciousness.  All in all, from one view, to be civilized is to lie to yourself about yourself.

15:04  [Reads]  When everyone fails to tell the truth about themselves then what is the truth about everyone?

And what does that make people who want to wake up?

15:24  [Reads]  If our instinctive mind could become conscious of the world which our conscious mind has constructed and which is its primary place of residence, our instinctive mind would conclude that our conscious mind is insane.

15:45  [Reads]  Does anyone now have a clearer comprehension of a recent statement I made?  "If, as is commonly believed, talk can cure man's mental problems, then talk is the cause of man's mental problems."

17:20  ...[I]n the concocted world nothing can be a cure for something unless it's the cause of it...in the world unique to man, if x cures y, then x is the cause of y...

19:04  [Reads]  Here's how it goes with our species:   To be alive is to be human.  To be human is to think.  To think is to think there is more to being a human than there actually is.  And to think there is more to being a human than there actually is, is to be asleep and thoroughly confused in your mind as to what it is, exactly, to be alive.

19:27  [Reads]  Being asleep as the mystics call it is being in denial of your humanity.

19:35  [Reads]  What seems almost beyond the ability of a man's conscious mind to comprehend is that whatever appears in it is as natural to the man as are the gastric juices in his stomach when he's hungry or the sugar in his blood when he's frightened.  The mind is man's only organ which under perfectly normal conditions believes it's being subjected to toxic influences.  Remember:  Only your mind is asleep and confused -- because only your mind believes that it is.

20:15  [Reads]  To awaken from the slumber state don't waste your time chasing happiness, pursuing knowledge or seeking the mystical but rather develop the ability to speak the truth about yourself.

20:31  [Reads]  While you are not conscious of your instinctive mind as such you are conscious of its effects, conscious of being hungry, horny, cold or sleepy whereas you are conscious of your conscious mind.

Ha!  What an illusion.  Don't you realize it by now?  Quoting myself, "Whereas you are conscious OF your conscious mind."  What an unbelievable statement.  What is there to equal such an obviously unfounded assertion which so-called rational men take to be true?  "Whereas you are conscious of your conscious mind."  What you?  What you can you locate that is anything other than your conscious mind?

As vitally important as is our instinctive mind, I say again, it's a good thing it doesn't understand what's going on in our conscious one.

21:41  [Reads]  A man asleep is like a man who tells his mind "Think about anything except the way things are."

21:52  [Reads]  One man says, "After years of trying to achieve full and permanent awakening, I remain discouraged by the results and have come to the conclusion that all I really need do is to understand my mind.  Or, as I would now put it, all I need is for my mind to understand itself.  And what really GETS me is the fact that it,"  and he held up his thumb and forefinger almost touching, "gets constantly this close to succeeding!  It never makes that final step, but it constantly gets this close!"

22:39  [Reads]  Crude men are controlled by their fascination with their sex organs and their stomachs.  Mystical men are controlled by their fascination with their mind.  Mystical men could do better than this.  Crude men can't.

22:58  [Reads]  One man decided to get a face lift then thought, "Nah.  I'll get a mind lift first, then see how I feel."

23:14  [Reads]  After considering one of my recent models and comments one man muses,  "Alright, if my instinctive mind is not the problem and my conscious mind is not the problem, then what is the damn problem?"

I'm assuming that he presented this as a question rhetorical.

Okay.  P.S.  The self-directed question, "Just exactly what is the problem?" is one that few who seek our goal ever seriously ask themselves.  But I tell you that only those who do ever see this business all the way through.

23:49  [Reads]  Consider:  If a man diagnoses himself as ill yet never fully understands what his own diagnosis means, how can he apply truly suitable treatment?  Go ahead, ask yourself;  it won't do you any harm at all.  Ask yourself.  Ask yourself, "Exactly what is the problem here?"

24:11  [Reads]  The hidden economics regarding needless efforts:  While nothing is required of an awakened mind, the work of a distracted one is never done.  In the realm of consciousness that most labor intensive is never the way most efficient.  Let the conscious mind the art of relaxation learn from the instinctive one.

24:41  [Reads]  Resisting thought denies reality and puts you on an endless, meaningless merry-go-round.  Refusal to acknowledge the reality of your own nature fuels this mad carousel.  Solution?  Simple.  Don't resist the reality of how things are.

25:02  [Reads]  Let everything you do be genuine to you.  Insist that every little thing you do be a valid reflection of you and desires natural to you.  Don't do even the smallest of acts if it is fraudulent to your nature.  Knowing the need to do this and then not doing it is to live your life in a deceptive dream.

25:27  [Reads]  Even some ordinary men will profess their desire to "know themselves," but then will endlessly expound on the seeming improbability of ever doing so, in that men naturally lie to themselves about what they are.  And thus is the truth kept from them.  But consider:  How can a man be actually be fooled by the lies he may tell himself about himself when he has to know the truth about himself to lie about himself in the first place?  The lies the mind tells about ourselves and life are not only lies, they are just lies.  The real problem is in accepting the lie that says we don't actually know the truth.

26:17  [Reads]  A man with an awakened mind may not be anything special but a man with an awakened mind is genuine.  What more can a man ask?

26:27  [Reads]  And finally, a boy asks his father, "Should my motto be, 'You can change your behavior, even change your mind, but you can never change what you are'?"  And the elder replied, "Either that or 'Eat more possum.'"

26:49  First, I will point out...the matter of men lying to themselves...always has been accepted as part of the human condition...

32:06  The mind of man does not think about things as they are...mystics...too often...jump on the fact of this as something untoward...the mind can see things as they are...but here's the problem:  it won't stick to that....

34:52  ...I can see it as being a necessary organization of man's mind...we would not have technological progress...if our minds did not naturally look upon things...as other than they are...without the mind you cannot conceive of things being other than as they are...

40:00  Your mind sees you as you might be, except it doesn't make that distinction...

44:20  If the mind [is sufficiently interested] to comment, it begins to see [the matter] other  [than it is]...

45:22  Here is the payoff.  No one realizes...the mind is incapable of seeing itself as it is...the shame...is not over deluding yourself...

50:32  ...your thinking is a constant deception, and you know it is...

50:57  The most important form of deception is this:  your mind...knows you only live, you're only present in the here and now...and yet, what do we do?  You're caught up in your own daydreams, just the natural running of the mind...

52:57  You could live the life of a recluse and still be continually deceiving yourself...

58:00  [Big cats' pad-size ratio story as leading to deceptive elaboration.]

62:09  The mind is not structured or organized to stick to seeing things as they are and no one realizes what this means...when the mind thinks about itself...the ship always locks as if it's about to dock...