Jan Cox Talk 2557

Nailing Fog to the Wall

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk 2557  : July 28, 2000 
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan's Legacy 2014 
These notes prepared by DC on 10/04/08 audio file. 

Suggested Title: Nailing Fog to the Wall

NOTE:slight gap in tape c. minute 23.

00:05  [Reads] It's easy to comprehend the notion of men lying to themselves when a small man says that he's large or an old man says that he's young.  You can see that it is not true.  But what totally eludes men's recognition and understanding is how they lie to themselves each and every time they think of themselves in any way.

00:33  [Reads]  The conscious mind is structured and organized to initially see things as they are, but then to almost instantly abandon that view and begin to mentally see things as they could be.  And this inherent characteristic is not suspended when the mind attempts to look at itself.  A most significant fact, but one which man's thinking cannot take into proper account in that even should he have it pointed out to him, immediately after seeing it his mind will begin to think of it in a way other than how he saw it to actually be.

01:16  [Reads]  Do you see?  Even if, relatively speaking, man's conscious mind lives in a dream and you can make a man aware of this, just as soon as you do he abandons the reality of what he saw and begins instead to dream about it.

01:34 [Reads]  What a situation.  You're told that you're not really awake, you instantly see that it's true, then you immediately fall asleep and begin to dream about what you just saw.  What conditions.  Your mind originally knows the truth about everything, then immediately begins to lie about it.  This alone makes human change and progress possible;  this alone is what's behind the mystics' notion that man is asleep.  Ouch.

02:21  [Reads]

Fact:  Humans are never satisfied.
Fact:  Ordinary humans seek to be through physical activity.
Fact:  There's nothing inherently wrong with this except --
Fact:  It won't work.

Second Verse:

Fact:  Humans are never satisfied.
Fact:  Ordinary humans seek to be through physical activity.  And while there is nothing wrong with this approach it doesn't work.
Fact:  A few people seek satisfaction through so-called mystical mental activity.  And while there is certainly nothing wrong with this different approach, it won't work either.

Surprise!  (Or maybe you aren't all that surprised.)

03:17  [Reads]  Question:  Do you understand what I've just pointed out?  Do you see the working connection between the several facts?  Are you beginning to gradually realize that everything the mind can come up with to try to apply to itself won't work?  It can't work.  That's why the mind will keep on working on projects that have absolutely no chance of succeeding.  Without this, no change or progress in the physical world.  Without this, you wouldn't be trying to 'wake up'.

(Need I again point out the neatness of all of this?)

04:01  [Reads]  How about a new allegorical description of the right kind of man seeking enlightenment?  A Don Quixote who, in spite of appearances, understands full well how things actually are and realizes the improbability of his quest.

04:21  [Reads]  For the true mystic to finally realize the possible, he must first vigorously pursue the impossible.

04:30  [Reads]  How can you "know the truth" without you first lie, lie, lie?

04:38  [Reads]  An old song says, "Once I was blind but now I see."  But don't you see?  Without first being apparently blind you could never apparently learn to see.  It's breathtaking, breathtaking, how neatly this whole affair plays itself out.

05:02  [Reads] When one man heard someone say that the actual goal of awakening was simply the mind's desire to understand itself, he thought, "Well, in that case my goal would be for my mind to stop trying to."

And you know what?  For a man far enough along in this affair for that to make some sense, it makes sense.

05:30  [Reads] And now for some sporting news:  One man achieved permission to stop running around in endless circles.

But only after he had done so, as required, for half his life.

Moral:  Nothing makes sense until it makes sense to you -- not too early, and not too late, but just at the right time.  And the right time is when it's right for you.

06:05  [Reads] And that earlier man who said to himself, "If all of this is just the mind's desire to understand itself, then I'd settle for mine to stop trying," which certainly makes no sense unless it makes sense to you.

06:27  [Reads] And someone asked, "How can I tell for sure if I am lying to myself about myself or not?"

"Simple.  You are if your thoughts about you have you placed anywhere but where you are at this moment."

06:43  [Reads] And someone says, "That response was so direct as to be offensive."

My kind of someone.

06:58  [Reads]  Anyone whose response to your question opens with the comment, "That is a very good question," may be asked no further questions without any harm visiting you.

07:11  [Reads] Okay.  Enough of the silliness.  Let's have a serious look at this matter.  You may ask no questions of anyone without you suffering any harm whatsoever.

"Papa, does that include asking questions of yourself?"
"Well, son, now that one's a bit trickier to answer.  Oh, I get it.  I see what you're doing."

Point:  A man who sees what you're doing won't ask you any questions.

Super Point:  A man who sees what he is doing has no questions, period.

07:58  [Reads] The mind trying to halt its activities long enough to fruitfully study same is the same as a hammer attempting to nail fog to the wall.  Which, I suppose, is silly enough but in this instance, the hammer, the nail, the fog and the wall are actually all the same thing.

And unless from the materials at hand you create someone to witness this foolishness, you are this foolishness.  Which is just yet another way of saying that you're dozing and being deluded by your own thinking.

08:35  [Reads]  I remind you of something previously noted, to wit:  nothing is required of an awakened mind, while the demands made on a sleeping one are without end.  The ordinary mind that naturally misrepresents how it sees things to be is forever busy, busy, busy while a man who looks for himself at things rather than through the eyes of his mind discovers a form of consciousness that is the epitome of undisturbed relaxation.  When you deal only with what's actually going on you discover that there's nothing to "deal with".

09:25  [Reads]  The ratio:  if you spent, let us say, one-tenth of one per cent of your life in the observation of your own mind's workings you would be in the world's forefront of such activity.

09:43  [Reads]  Apparently not satisfied with my earlier response, someone else asks, "How can I tell with certainty if I am lying to myself about myself?"
"Okay.  Simple, again.  You are definitely lying if you are thinking about anything other than water, wind or fire."

Then still another someone says, "It's beginning to sound suspiciously like you're saying that anything a man thinks is a lie."
"Partially so, sir, only partially so.  But I've got to level with you.  It's no more than just this partially lying that keeps a man from the full realization of what's going on."
The mind's natural, partial misrepresentation of what it sees is what keeps the mind naturally active.  And it is this self-same natural mental activity that mystics call missing the last bus, or some such foolishness.  (And that's foolishness spelled with three o's.)

11:02  [Reads]  While it is easy for me to write at length regarding the mind's natural operation of first seeing things as they are, then immediately seeing them as potentially otherwise, when it comes to seeing this as it operates in your own mind, in your mind, it's not so simple.  For, try as you might, the thinking natural to the mind cannot accommodate the thought that says, "Thought never gives a total and fully accurate picture of what it portrays."  For obviously, it will also, perforce, partially misrepresent, thus misunderstand this thought as well.

Do you still not fully appreciate the natural and comforting neatness of all mazes, enigmas and other circular structures?...

12:44  [Reads]  No matter how quick you become your eyes will never be able to turn and see themselves.  But no matter how smart you become you won't necessarily stop trying.

And someone asks, "Would you call this foolishness?"
"No, sir, I would not.  I would call it foolishness to believe that it could be otherwise."

13:09  [Reads]  The nature of the mind is to ramble and to treat this trait as though it is caused by some sort of infection that is foreign to your mind gives a whole other bombastic connotation to the word "foolishness".

13:25  [Reads]  The dirty little secret funny motto of those who get back to what's really going on might be, "Yeah, I know that it can't be done, but God! what fun."

P.S.  A nonphysical addiction can only be harmful if it's not recognized to be an addiction.

13:51  [Reads]  From a quite real relative view, man's mind is not fully awake.  But as soon as a man's mind hears this and accepts it as true, it begins to lie to itself about it.  It has no choice.
Do you?
And are you exercising it?

14:16  [Reads]  Headline:  Ways In Which Your Instinctive Mind and Your Conscious Mind Can Be Made To Assist One Another In Circumstances Wherein Such May Not Be Automatic.
Even if you are not by instinct physically graceful, by mental attentiveness you can be less clumsy.  Need I point out that this has significance far beyond the example noted?  What you are by instinct is the truth about yourself.  But Man has capacities beyond his instincts.  The question is in what specific ways do you avail yourself of the possibilities?  Instinct can't lie about how things are.  But in a sense the conscious mind can, and through this ability it can lead instinct in behaving as it would never have done on its own.  Were this not the situation and its possibility there would be no reality to the idea of waking up.  But there is;  all that's necessary is to make your mind and instincts work together in ways not spontaneous to you.

15:45  [Reads]  At first -- this is the first and last page of what I wrote tonight, so, listen to it both ways.  Imagine you heard it before I read everything else also.  At first, it can be a profitable attention grabber to think of the mind as "lying" about what it sees.  But I recommend that as quickly as possible you move to a more expansive view and picture the mind as being quite capable of seeing things truthfully as they are but after initially doing so it automatically begins to elaborate on what it has seen and thus thereafter, at least in part, continually misrepresents, even to itself, the way it sees things to be.  In spite of the readily observable reality of the situation, I see the notion of the mind either willfully or helplessly "lying" to be ultimately unenlightening.  For even though its reports of what it sees consistently misrepresents how things really are, the mind in so doing usually has no intent to "lie" for some self-serving purpose.  So, even though it can be a useful approach in the beginning, so as to accustom your sight to a new perspective, it ultimately accomplishes nothing to maintain an accusatory notion that your own mind willfully lies to you.  No, it merely fulfills its natural functions and obligations.  And all you need do is recognize what it does as such.

17:39  [Reads]  To have an enlightened mind is not to have freed yourself from the lies of the mind but is to have finally realized that reality is one thing and the mind, something else.

17:56  [Reads]  It's actually quite simple, this waking-up thing.  It's just that it's almost too simple for thought to ever grasp.

Double "Ouch!"

18:16  I of course recommend that you consider, since I've spent several nights including tonight on the idea of the mind "lying" if you don't have a clear picture yourself...to go beyond that...

19:05  Perhaps since the birth of so-called Western psychology and its terminology and its views, probably the most commonly publically discussed example of men "lying to themselves" had to do with homosexuality...

20:40  Does everyone understand what a facade that is;  what a sham that is?...Despite accepted conventual wisdom...that says it is not possible to look at someone and tell that they're a homosexual...any man can look at a homosexual from a mile away, for a second, and know it...the idea that someone is lying to himself about their sexual orientation is laughable...that's the "lie"...

25:02  What could be a bigger lie is the reason I pick it out because it is something directly from our most important, collectively speaking, instinct, the preservation, the continuation of our species...I could have used hunger...

26:06  It is...laughable to believe that a man can lie to himself...that men and women can lie to themselves about themselves.  It is a collectively accepted manifestation of lying for people to believe such.  Or for a priest or rabbi or for anyone to walk up to you after you've just buried a loved one and for them to say, "Well, we shouldn't actually be sad because we know that your dear mother is now in Paradise; she is now alive in a better place."  And that you nod, "That's true, Reverend."  And you both know that what you just said is a lie.  Not whether it's true or false.  See, that's the difference...you go to buy a car and the sticker says gas mileage 22 in the city...and you ask a salesman...the lying is that the salesman doesn't know...that he doesn't know if it's true or untrue;  that's the lie...

30:08  The priest says, "We should not be sad.  Your mother's not dead, she is has now entered a whole new life.  She is with the gods;  she's in Paradise...It's not that the priest knows that's not true.  He doesn't know.  That's the lie...

30:39  It is not lying that the mind engages in the sense of telling something that's not true because what purpose would it have?  Your mind, everyone's mind would have to have...an independent life from you.  It would have to have some agenda.  It would have to have some plan that runs counter to yours.  Why else would your mind "lie" to you?

31:24  The collective lies...the conditions under which men collectively lie is beyond any ready explanation...

35:56  ...you're lying every time -- everything you think about being more awake or more asleep.  It's a lie.  But in the sense I'm trying to instill in you...in the sense I'm trying to get you to consider...

38:21  Everyone knows that their mind does not know what's going on [so we create "experts" to tell us]...They don't know;  their mind doesn't know;  your mind doesn't know but now they have a position of authority, of expertise...

41:54  The mind can scarcely...hold to it...the way the mind is structured and organized and based on its purpose that the first time your mind...thinks about a certain subject...it sees it exactly for what it is.  If it did not have that ability the mind would serve no purpose...the mind does not lose that ability:  all you have to do is look at technology...but notice this:  it is limited to things physical.

45:54  When it comes to the cultural world...[the mind] does not see things as they are...[abstract painting example].

50:06  Now, when you see it, the first time, anything, that is, you think about it, you see it for what it is.  But then, immediately, the mind does begin to think about it...within a second, [mind] has now misrepresented what it sees to itself...mind now misrepresents whatever it is, whether it's thinking pro or con about it.  That is the lying that the mind cannot grasp directly...

56:16  Well, lest I lie any more to you, I'm going to stop.

56:19  [End]