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Shut Up

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk 2558  : July 31, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan's Legacy 2014
These notes prepared by DC on 01/25/09 from audio file.

Suggested Title: Shut Up

Begin:  [Reads]  Let's begin tonight's news simply.  A man who talks lies.  A man who thinks lies.  A man who thinks about himself lies like a forty-acre parking lot.  "Is there a way out?" you ask.  "Yes," I reply.  "And what might it be?" you ask.  "Wait and see," I reply.  And then you say, "I'll bet that it will be something really simple."  "So, why did you ask?" says I.  Damn.  I almost gave it away.

00:55  [Reads]  Headline:  Here Is...The Entire, Magical Mystery Mystical Secret.  With humans in the human world nothing is ever enough.  An author says, "The trouble with writing a book is it makes you want to write another one."  In human affairs nothing is ever enough.  A reader says, "The problem with reading a book is it makes you want to read another one."  In matters human, nothing is ever enough.  A politician says, "The vexation of being elected to one office is that it makes you want to be elected to another one."  When humans act nothing is ever enough.  A scientist says, "The drawback to making one discovery is that it makes you want to make another one."  In the world of humans nothing is ever enough.  A philosopher says, "The dilemma of having one thought is that it makes you want to have another one."  And finally, a would-be mystic says, "The woe of having awakened once is that all you can ever think about after that is --"  Ah, why go on?  You must know what I mean.

02:50  [Reads]  Question:  Why don't even those people as mentally sharp as mystics are reported to be find the fact that even having experienced that which they seek still doesn't satisfy them?  It's still not enough.  Okay.  Here it is plain and double plain.  If you're human nothing is ever enough.

03:21  [Reads]  Oh.  Here's the other entire mystical secret plainly revealed.  The secret to everything is to shut up.  Forget about meditation, self remembering, prayer, mindfulness and all the rest.  All you need to do is shut up.  Don't be bothered by being tall, short, male, female, young, old, shy, aggressive, quick, slow, dumb or smart.  Just shut up.  The secret to everything is to shut up.  And now you know the secret.

04:16  [Reads]  A young man tracked down a well-known mystic and after cornering him asked, "Approximately how long does it take to awaken?"  And the head banger replied, "Ah, go to hell," which pretty well answered the question thought the lad.

That long, eh?

04:53  [Reads]  The difference between being almost there and still having a way to go is that people of the later sort believe that there is magic to be found in words, liberating, enlightening magic, while a person within sight of home has come to gradually realize that the only magic about words is in their ability to make your eyes close, put you in a trance and make it impossible for you to use your mind in a manner that will produce enlightening results.  Question:  Then where is the magic in the words I just used to convey that fact?

A refresher:  The liberating answer to everything is to shut up.  As some say on the verbal battlefield, "If you don't catch the bullets in your mouth, they can't hurt you."

06:06  [Reads]  Question:  Are you aware that the mouth not only makes shipments but accepts deliveries as well?  Does that make any sense to you?  If not, a reminder:  If you shut up, everything makes sense.  See?  The magic is not in words, but in shutting up -- in both directions -- shipping and receiving.

06:38  [Reads]  After having chastised...that's news from this coming Wednesday...

07:37  [Reads]  Headline:  A Trick of Tricks.  Only a man who has shut up can hear what other people are actually saying.

07:50  [Reads]  One man when he got married went to Niagra Falls.  Later when he woke up and was able to obtain a divorce from himself he shut off the falls within himself.

A man who knows lives alone even amidst a houseful.  See, the secret is that once you shut up the house empties.

08:23  [Reads]  Question:  How do people get involved with this kind of activity?  A scene from everyday life:  A man reads an article about a newly discovered danger, "the silent sudden heart attack" which concluded with the recommendation that people talk to their doctor about the problem immediately which the man did.  And when asked what he said to his doctor, he replied, "I told him I didn't want one."  Next question?

09:12  [Reads]  Headline:  And Still Another Great Cosmic Mystery Unravelled.  Who controls life?  No one knows.  Does life know who controls life?  No one knows.  Long pause, then a voice asks, "Is that it?"  Another terrifying secret revealed.

09:54  [Reads]  One day a long-struggling mystic seemed to have awakened to the full truth of things and while he was able to communicate directly with Life he asked Life, "Where are you in the pecking order?"  And Life replied, "I am the pecking order."  Apparently the man had not achieved full awakening.

10:20  [Reads]  The difference between being ninety percent fully awake and say, seventy percent is that the further you are from completeness the more unnecessary things do you say.  An example being in fact this instant comment I just added on at the end here.  That one.  Yeah, it may be interesting but it wasn't necessary.  Oh -- something else.  Can you perceive a pecking order within yourself?  And I guess you're going to tell me that that wasn't necessary.  Forget about the question of who controls life.  Ask this.  Who controls your tongue?

11:16  [Reads]  After he heard all the secrets of the struggle to awaken revealed one man said, "I don't see what all the secrecy was about."

11:34  [Reads]  A man said to his somewhat retarded twin, "Well, I guess after hearing all of this that it is obvious even to you that if you shut up you can't lie."  And his sluggish counterpart smiled slyly and said, "Yeah, but I could still be talking to myself and no one would know."  The man was momentarily at a loss as to what appropriately condemnatory retort to make.  He felt that even "Go lay your head under a bus" was not adequate.

I could even suggest this as a good litmus test.  After hearing it talked about in tonight's news do you truly understand what is meant by "shut up"?

And obviously if you have an answer to that you don't.

12:44  [Reads]  And finally, if we were to put tonight's model of man into commercial terms we could say that a man who's in business with himself can never shut up.  It has to do with an obscure part of the law governing partnerships.

13:17  Life is not arranged...the secondary world...is not arranged for people to shut up...[lion tamer pad placement observation example, c.f. previous tape]...

25:43  The cultural life of man would just about stop [without the propensity for elaboration]...

30:06  A man can see something and make a comment...when the mind first sees something, it sees it as it is, but it can't stick to it...it will begin to dream about additional aspects of this discovery...normally, you have to stop [ordinary people from talking]...some signal, "Shut up;  it's my turn."

39:15  Now to you internally...that should be enough...

42:05  The first time you ever heard that man's asleep...you saw/heard it exactly for what it was...but then if your attention was held enough that you then began to comment to yourself on it, you began to drift away from simply what you saw...

46:06  If you are drifting...it's futility...the solution?  Shut up.

47:33  If you could shut up you would not be asleep...[repeats news item]:  the mouth not only makes shipments but accepts deliveries...

48:46  ...all the connections...about lying...and shutting up...and all of this has to do with one obscure aspect of the law governing partnerships...

49:41  [End]