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Why Wait, Consolidate

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk 2559  : August 2, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan's Legacy 2014
These notes prepared by DC 02/27/09 from audio file.

Suggested Title: Business Law: Partnerships, sole proprietors and molecular action
Title used: Why Wait, Consolidate

Begin:  Since I have been speaking of the matter of lying I feel it my duty to tell you the truth -- that in my opinion the twenty pages...of news items I wrote tonight in my opinion may be the best I have ever done on your behalf...

00:59  [Reads]  A part of one man's inheritance was a certain ongoing operation, one which as he grew to adulthood occupied much of his attention.  His fascination with the operation and its apparent structure was such that he continually contrived to mentally disassemble it which he believed would lead to an understanding thereof.  But certain conditions surround this operation -- which a man neither anticipates nor ever recognizes -- which makes it impossible for his mind to theoretically break apart a mental model of the structure into its component parts without his mind losing the capacity for understanding the nature of the ongoing operation.

01:46  [Reads]  Put simply, the attempted study of this operation by the mind causes the operation to become incomprehensible to the mind, even while men can believe that they are making headway in the matter.  The unrealized circumstances pertinent to this operation that preordains the mind's failure to ever understand it is simply the fact that the operation under investigation and the mind doing the investigating are one and the same.

02:18  [Reads]  For the mind to properly conceive of itself it would have to perceive of itself as a cohesive whole, which it is.  But as soon as the mind attempts this effort, everything flies apart.  It is the bird who never leaves his perch who remains intact -- and wise to the nature of life.

02:55  [In] the following fifteen pages...there are three themes...they almost alternate every third page...

03:45  I refer you...to one of my previous models of man...his apparent "I" not as being a single entity but rather a partnership which seems to consist both of an "I" and of something else entirely which is difficult to describe adequately to his "I" but which it clearly feels is something other than itself.  And this is my expedient partnership.

04:20  [Reads]  For now, those who have personally considered this model to the point of profit, I say to you that the aim within this verbal structure is a merger.  In legal terms you go from a partnership to a sole proprietorship which in mystical terms translates to this:  An enlightened mind is a sole proprietorship accomplished through a merger of the previous partnership.  In quite plain and practical terms the name of the game is to consolidate.  Consolidation, plain and simple.  Just consider it and I'm sure you'll feel it -- you'll feel the need to consolidate.

05:20  [Reads]  I say that no person truly tries to awaken who does not work to come up with their own acceptable explanation of what they're attempting to do in this struggle-to-awaken thing.  If the mind had a place other than itself on which to step whereby it could step away from itself and see itself for what it is awakening would be a snap.  It's not possible to have objective knowledge of your birthplace until you go someplace and thus have a basis for comparison (that is, to go to some other place).  But where can the mind go that is not its natural born homeland?  This is why I say that to ultimately get anywhere with this endeavor you must come up with your own operational explanation for what it is.  Just because you're told that the aim is to "awaken" and just because your mind says, "Yes!  That's it." doesn't mean in the least that you have any understanding of what's actually going on.

06:40  [Reads]  If only the mind had some place whereby  it could step away from itself and see itself for what it is all of this talking about awakening would not be necessary.  The fact that there is no such place for the mind to go is the secret knowledge dreamed of by the metaphysical sleepers.

07:08  [Reads]  Long ago in Court a difference was noted between the king seated firmly on the throne and the conniving ministers who were constantly scurrying about around him.  And twas put in a proverb:  "Ambition moves;  power stays put."  And I offer a translation thereof as per your own inner setting whereby there is the hunger and search for that certain powerful goal as opposed to the goal itself.  And my translation is:  Inept action must stay in motion even though its intention never moves -- while the aim of its action never moves.

07:59  [Reads]  Struggling for enlightenment is proof itself of one's lack of enlightenment.  For failure continually shifts its position while success is motionless.  The search for it is an action;  the discovery of it is not.  Or, if you would like to return closer to the original proverb, (my version) "The incompetent struggle for power is always active while the source of real power never moves."

08:42  [Reads]  What those wanting enlightenment are actually after is a merger of their partnership, a consolidation of their mental resources.

08:58  [Reads]  There are three categories of those who undertake the search for enlightenment:  those who undertake it but can't describe what they're doing; those who undertake it who apparently can describe what they're doing and then, the other group -- if indeed there's enough of them to constitute a group. The mind-breaking three-bank shot into the corner pocket is that once you understand what you're doing, you're no longer doing it.

09:36  [Reads]  You're not really "free" until you're free from trying to be free.  And only a mind that can 'step away from itself' can understand this.

09:49  [Reads]  Though not now discussed there was once a path toward enlightenment which went by the name of "Leave Home, Leave Home, Leave Home, Goddammit, Leave Home".

10:05  [Reads]  When you discover the actual path in your own mind, you find that there is no group or school there, only you -- just you and your understanding.  And now a remodeling tip:  The way to destroy a mystical system is to take the mystery out of it.

Oh yeah, another thing:  The way to get free of any illusion is to realize that anything the mind believes about non-physical matters is an illusion.  Thus, the only way to get any use out of a mystical system is to take the mystery out of it.  Just 'tween me and you, anyone who believes that they're enlightened is experiencing illusionary enlightenment.

10:55  [Reads]  And someone asks, "But wait!  If that's the case, then how does someone know that they are truly enlightened?  Is it when they no longer know whether they're enlightened or not?"
"Sir, step back, step away from where you're standing."

Crowd control can be such a chore.

11:22  [Reads]  Each and every little time that you deny your own nature and treat what is yours as foreign to you, you lie;  you foolishly attempt to deceive yourself which in truth is not possible.  No man is awake nor enlightened who is not himself -- not some new, not some extraordinary, not some metaphysical self, but just himself.  In one quite genuine sense, the great liberation is in no longer denying who you are.  You began this journey by resisting sleep and its completion comes with your mental abandonment of all foolish resistance which is any resistance to the realities of life.  Continue to lie and deny your own nature to yourself and you continue to sleep and miss the truth of awakening.

12:42  [Reads]  As long as you continue to believe that it is your "I", your conscious mind that directs your life, you will not only be confused and unenlightened but always surprised by illness.

Man's mind claims to understand that it is molecular activity that is responsible for the lives of such gargantuan and extraordinary entities as stars and in fact for all of life.  Yet the mind cannot, moment to moment, apply such a view to itself.  Yet it knows that it can be no exception.  Men easily recognize that it is molecular activity that runs their body but then, in that regard, their mind plays a game of "Who me?  No, not me."  Just another perspective on that most transparent but unaccredited fact that a man who believes that he is his "I" is deluded.  A man who believes that his I has a mind and consciousness lives in a dream.

14:05  [Reads]  In case it is still not as clear to you as it should be let me reinforce it as simply as possible.  The condition of the mind that makes some people long for a different one is due to man's normal mental life being run by an apparent partnership -- not by him alone, but by a partnership.  And a strange partnership it doth be for when examined, no two parties are to be found.

Do you know the case of the great curious face?  If its left eye tries to look at its right eye, it causes its right eye to disappear.

14:45  [Reads]  When you first hear it said that while man believes he is awake, he is not, you're embarrassed that you didn't realize it on your own.  Then after trying to awaken for many years without succeeding you're even more embarrassed.  But then after you do finally realize what's going on you're super embarrassed over the fact that you never understood what being embarrassed is all about.

15:25  [Reads]  Time for a quick checkup.  Open your hood, listen carefully and answer me this.  Whenever you do something, anything -- walk, talk, daydream -- you put molecules in motion. But whenever you do anything -- walk, talk, daydream -- it was molecules in motion that made you do it.  Now, can you answer that question?

You're looking at me funny.

16:08  [Reads]  One chap invites us to partake of his personally perceived conundrum.  "You have previously stated that a man would not be asleep if he would but shut up but how can this be accomplished if there are two of you?  For to my ears, even if I get one of me quieted the other one will inevitably talk."
Again I highlight the need to consolidate as soon as possible.

Okay.  In case you didn't pass the previous checkup let's try it again.  Leave your engine running, open up the bonnet (if you're British) put your ear close to the block and answer this one.  Whenever you think or move you put your molecules in motion but there is no you apart from your molecules.  So, answer me that one.  You do realize that you're still looking at me funny;  don't you?
Hah.  That itself is kind of funny, me asking "Don't you..." when according to what I just noted I should be saying "Doesn't your molecular activity realize..."

What do you think might result if you started thinking about your own so-called thinking in that way?  Hmmmm.

Yeah, you're right.  You'd better forget about it.

17:45  [Reads]  And now a little theological something as concerns the partnership both on the internal individual level and the external one twixt different people.  Here it is.  He who preaches to others will himself go straight to hell.

The C word is always appropriate...not the C word of condemnation but the one of consolidation:  the consolidating of your preacher and that other part of you to which it wants to preach.

Hell is a stockholders' meeting.  Paradise is a mom-and-pop operation in which pop is deceased.  I tell you again your motto should be, "Why wait?  Consolidate."

18:49  [Reads]  If it is the truth that will set you free then is it a truth that you learn or a truth that you learn to do?  Will it turn out to be a matter of the mind or of the brain?  Of consciousness or of physiology?  Come on, tell the truth.  Do you really need to know more or to know how to do more?  Remember:  only knowing can lie, doing cannot.

19:36  [Reads]  And in an attempt to put together various aspects -- the individual inventions, I assume -- of tonight's news, one man began to ponder  thus, "If indeed I do mentally exist as a partnership then why can't my mind step away from itself?  If it is in two parts then one part should be able to step away from the other part and see it for what it is."  Which, he thought, made sense, yet he couldn't accomplish.  The man presently is frustrated and confused by not being able to do what seems should be possible as per the ideas that tonight have caught his interest.  The next stage is for him to suddenly realize something from this inability.  Careful as you keep trying to step back that you don't trip over your own feet which you absolutely will do.  And doing so without realizing it is the reality behind the notion of a sleeping mind, always tripping on yourself inevitably and never ever realizing it.

21:10  (It's starting to get serious -- page sixteen).

[Reads]  Do you see the connection between the sensation of you being a partnership, the feeling that there is a you and that you have a mind as they relate to your undeniable totally molecular construction?  "You" are not separate from your conscious mind.  And your conscious mind is not separate from your instinctive mind.  Your mind wherein the sensation of a you originates is the result of molecular activity in the brain and neither you nor your mind has an "I" that is not molecularly produced.  "You" are simply a collection of molecules and there is no you apart from molecules.  There is not one group of molecules that is "you" and some other group of molecules that is not you.  Ignore old notions of a man's spirit or psyche or intangible personality.  Look at the matter plainly and inescapably.  Whatever you, I or self you may identify as possessing, it inarguably is simply a molecular activity.  Your entire life is dependent on molecular activity and yet it is not genuine to say that your molecules control you nor is it valid to say that you control your molecules in that there is no you that is not your molecules.  This is what the ordinary mind cannot grasp then hold to.

23:12  [Reads]  And someone says, "Who the hell wants to be nothing more than a bundle of molecular activity?"
"Only those awake to what's going on, sir, just those pleased and anxious to deal with things only as they are."

Some additional business law as it relates to the previously noted benefit to shutting up:  In a partnership nobody ever shuts up.

(Page eighteen.)

24:03  [Reads]  Taken to the basic, inescapable molecular level, the partnership sensation comes from the mind's erroneous conception that there is molecular activity taking place in the body of which it is not a part.  Quite simply the conscious mind, part of the brain, i.e., man's "I" believes that it and the purely instinctive and unconscious molecular activity responsible for all other essential physical operations are two different things.

For instance, an ordinary man's mind says, "I decided to get up and make coffee" but it never thinks or says, "Molecular activity made me get up and fix coffee and also made my brain's consciousness say that it was responsible."

That two different entities of some sort exist in you is an illusion.  That you accept this illusion as fact is necessary for man's singular existence.  To be free of illusion is to have an abiding mental awareness that all mental activity is as much a result of unconscious molecular activity as is the most basic of our essential physical processes.  A man who thinks and says "I" and believes it is a man whose mind is deceiving itself.

Simply pay no attention to the lies the mind tells about you and itself and everything becomes clear as can be.

The notion of a sole proprietorship becomes a real possibility once you understand that it will never consist of the mind's I but is in fact unseen unheard molecular activity -- which of course is entirely owned by Life, that is the ultimate activity and supreme proprietor.

Why live deceived when you don't have to?

26:16  [Reads]  And here's one man's latest ponder.  "Will the ultimate, the final, the big awakening be some idea that I discover to be true, or will it be something new I discover to do?"

26:37  (And page twenty.)
[Reads]  If you're still lagging back looking for excuses and explanations then this.  Part of the difficulty in holding the knowledge that the mind itself is nothing but molecular activity is that you cannot physically see it in action as you can, for instance, your hand moving due to the same kind of activity.  You can't actually see stupidity and self deception but you know full well that you're in it up to your armpits most of the time.  Face it.  The reason you can't constantly remember that your mind and its thinking is simply molecular action is because you can't make the molecular action that constitutes your mind and its thinking remember it.
Got it?

27:34  [Reads]  You are what you are even when you don't think that you are.  And you are what you are even if you do think so.  Because whatever it is that you actually are is what makes you either think that that's what you are -- or not.

Hint:  Stop listening to your mind talk and try to hear what your molecular activity is saying.  And I most strongly recommend that you ask yourself the question, "Will the ultimate awakening be in something I learn or in something I learn to do?"

28:20  I am quite aware if you're not -- in case you think you missed it -- several times, including that last-read sentence, [there] was a veiled, unspecified reference put in the form of a question...do you not believe that what is missing...is some piece of knowledge?...or will it be something that you suddenly realize that you can do?

31:25  ...there is the natural sensation in all men that there is a duality in them...are you aware that the sensation...once it's pointed out, is not your sensation of you on a dual basis?...are you aware of the fact that that one, natural circumstance is the beginning, the end...of the whole idea of being asleep?  Or, to put it very crudely, that's the cause of being asleep.  Which is a misspeak, but you surely know what I am pointing toward...

36:15  Also, as far as I can tell...once you become a sole proprietorship, there's nothing to talk about...you have no partner...there's nobody to turn around to and say, "Well, how's business today?"...There's nobody but you.  And nobody, except perhaps Derek, talks to himself...

41:02  "'I' am thinking."  No, sir...Thinking and "I" are the same thing.  And you either get it right there at the point --- which would be, I submit to you -- if there is such a thing as the instant enlightenment of the old Zen stories, there's where it happens...

42:15  The old question...which is supreme in its influence over a man...his heredity or his life experience?...setting aside the mind for a moment...everything else that is going on is the result of molecular activity...the mind is no exception...

48:53  To believe that there is a "you" inside of you...and then that you has characteristics, that you has possessions, such as...a mind -- do you realize what's being said?...that there's a group of molecules in a certain part of my brain and these molecules are me.  They give me the feeling of me.  But then you're saying that there's another group of molecules that are not me...to continue to embrace the natural sensation that "you" "have" a mind...it's insanity...

52:24  ...you can't say that there's a you that's controlling your molecules if you are not separate from some other group of your molecules.  But neither can you say that your molecules are controlling you...

58:44  ...you would not be asleep if you could just be aware constantly that what's going on in you, in your mind, your whole conception of you thinking, your whole conception of you being conscious, what men call consciousness itself is molecules.  It's molecular activity.  It's nothing more;  it's nothing less.  If you could be aware of that constantly, then you'd be awake.  But the tricky part is your mind can't be aware of that constantly.  If it is, then you're awake and you wouldn't be listening to this...when you succeed you're awake and all of this you forgot about.  It means nothing...as long as you're trying to wake up you won't...but if you don't try you never will...

[Jokes re mental meltdown re who or what is
going to get up then and make coffee leading to paralysis and 'inert mental rubble' -- the ultimate consolidation.]