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Molecular Imposters

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk 2560 -  August 4, 2000
These notes prepared by DC 03/21/09 from audio file

Suggested Title: Molecular Imposters

00:10  I'll bet each and every one of you has mystical abilities...[when hearing] teasers for upcoming news stories...do you not know that it's going to be bad news?

02:09  [Reads]  Here's the News...Headline:  Concerning The Complaints People Have With Themselves and Their Behavior.  Consider this:  If everything "you" do is the result of molecular activity and your "you" is also a manifestation of such activity, then it is not correct to say that "you" do things by causing appropriate molecular activity for it was molecular activity that caused "you" to do what you did in the first place.  Thus, a closer description would be there is some molecular activity that occurs in you that other molecular activity says should not occur but which it seems powerless to stop.

03:01  [Reads]  The secret word in the great secret struggle to see the truth is in the above word, "says" as in the source of the agitation that drives the desire for enlightenment is that there is some molecular activity within you that other molecular activity says -- SAYS should not occur but which it seems powerless to stop.  Some molecular activity in you says that certain other molecular activity in you should not be there.  Can a hand dissatisfied with itself grab itself and throw itself away?

03:52  [Reads]  The brain is the only organ that can look both outward at the world and inward at itself, an ability with direct bearing on the challenge of awakening and one seldom given sufficient consideration.  The brain alone can say, "I can look out and I can look in."  But who is there to recognize the significance of this fact and the illusion it produces in the mind?

04:21  [Reads]  After enduring numerous inconveniences and an extensive journey, a man located a certain renowned sage in his secluded mountain retreat and begged to ask a question which proved to be:  "Honored sir, Once you 'know what's going on' will that forever keep you from acting otherwise?"  And the mystic replied, "Get the hell out of here with that kind of moronic drivel."  And the man was greatly pleased that his trip had not been wasted.

05:02  [Reads]  Now a question for you:  Can an enlightened man spill a drink?  If he is allowed to do so, then this question:  Is he permitted to swear about it?  And if this is tolerated, another question:  Is it then acceptable for him to feel guilty over both spilling a drink and getting mad about it?
Answer:  Get the hell out of here with that moronic drivel.

A man who knows what's going on doesn't play that game.

05:38  [Reads]  And one man was disturbed to find snakes in his underwear drawer.  But things balanced themselves out when he discovered underwear in his snake drawer.

05:51  [Reads]  A man who knows what's going on plays the shots as he finds them.  Only those that don't know imagine that anything else is possible.

06:03  [Reads]  To live an ordinary mental existence is to take moronic drivel more or less as things really are.

Psst!  A man who knows how to use his brain doesn't play that game.

06:23  [Reads]  A boy asked a sage, "What does thinking have to do with being Awake?"  "Nothing," he replied.  "Then what does reading have to do with achieving enlightenment?"  "Nothing," he replied.  "Then what does talking about it have to do with becoming liberated?"  "Nothing," he replied.  "Then why am I here talking to you?"  "You tell me," he replied.  And the lad said nothing seeing that such had been the sage's reply to all of his questions.

06:55  [Reads]  There is much that will encourage a man to talk -- external circumstances, his internal molecular condition -- but almost nothing that encourages him to shut up.  Moral:  Some things, you have to do for yourself.

Question:  Can you actually "do" anything for yourself?  And some of one man's molecules said to him, "Don't answer that."  (In case you hadn't noticed, they do that a lot.  They just don't use those words.)

07:31  [Reads]  Even if he wanted to if he's not home how can a man ring his own doorbell?

There was once a field of pumpkins who developed an ability close to thinking and almost immediately fell seriously reflective and sought the meaning of pumpkin existence.  After many seasons of futile effort only one pumpkin realized the goal -- and it was discovered that he was hollow.

Since my earlier pumpkin story has proven to be so popular, I have written another one.

In a certain pumpkin patch, a great discussion arose as to which was the controlling factor in the life and behavior of an individual pumpkin, heredity or the environment.  And finally one day from one of the gourds a voice declared, "My seeds made me do it!...But...I produced my seeds...But then again, my seeds are what caused me to be a pumpkin that produces seeds..."  And so, no pumpkin ever came to understand the life of pumpkins save for a few who finally realized what was actually revealed by the conundrum "My seeds made me do it, but then again..."

09:17  [Reads]  Just time enough to slip in a combined quickie tip:  It is not physically possible to both talk and be home at the same time.

And one man mused, "Well, that would certainly explain my many  extended and unexplained absences."

A mystic thinking about his feet can't stand on his own two feet, or however many he has.

And suddenly, just from over in that direction, a voice cries out, "I got it!  I finally got it! Uh...until I said that.  Now I've lost it again.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow." If you're snoozing and don't realize what's going on [unintelligible 10:17]

10:54  Does everyone know that from...an awakened view...that there is no tomorrow?...literally, there is no tomorrow;  there is no later...one of the most frightening and simultaneously liberating peeps...it is of extreme practical value...the very cusp of being awake...

13:57  If you're attempting...to change your state of mind, there literally is no tomorrow..."Yes, I'm not only doing better, I will do better"...Right this second is as good as you can be...

16:46  [Reads]  In an attempt to explain the occurrence of unwanted behavior in his domain, a king said, "I cannot be responsible for every little thing that happens somewhere in the kingdom."  Is a man personally responsible for what goes on in his liver?  Obviously not.  Is a man personally responsible for what goes on in his mind?  The answer to that one is not as apparently obvious as the mind may say that it is.  "And why is that?" you ask.  And I reply, "What made you ask that?"

17:30  [Reads]  Only captives believe that they are free.  But only captives also believe that they are captive.  Can a hand dissatisfied with how it behaves grasp itself and hold itself still?

And after having chastised himself, one man would often then say, "Ah, don't be so hard on yourself," followed quickly by asking, "Who said that?"...same man, same brain...apparently two different voices...are we up to three voices?...

22:25  [Reads]  A man asked a mystic, "Will you tell me what's going on in life if I ask you?"  "Okay," replied the mystic, "ask."  And the man asked, "What's going on in life?"  To which the mystic replied, "Whatever goes on while you're asking such questions."

23:16  [Reads]  The "Truth" is what happens when you're not present.  Solution?  Simple.  Don't go anywhere.  Be here all the time.

23:38  [Reads]  And now some Columbus Day news.  One man discovered that he couldn't "be here" as long as he was talking.

23:51  [Reads]  After he heard all of the mysteries surrounding enlightenment revealed, one man said, "I fail to see what's so mysterious about it."

24:08  [Reads]  One way to look at the reason some men are so dissatisfied with their state of consciousness is because of molecular activity in the brain that identifies itself as being a noun, the "mind" capable of action, "thinking"...

May I read this as it should be:

One view of why some men are so dissatisfied with their state of consciousness is because the molecular activity in their brain...identifies itself as being both a noun and a verb -- as being a thing, the mind, that is capable of action, thinking.  Whereas, this self-painted picture is a total delusion.  Clear-eyed persistent observation reveals that what goes on in the brain's consciousness does not consist of a noun and a verb.  There's not a "thing" in there separate from what "it" does.  Consciousness not being organized to realize this is the cause of all its confusion.  This is but another way of saying that verbs, by the very definition of their existence are not capable of seeing themselves in action unless they see an actor noun apparently responsible therefor.

25:44  [Reads]  And finally, one man says, "Oh, I can agree that molecular activity controls our behavior -- but not our thoughts!"  "Okay, sir, you got me."

26:28  This is another view of the molecular activity and ways I was describing it last time we met and again tonight...the illusion of the partnership, the feeling that "you" "have" "a mind"...there's molecular activity going on in every human's brain that we call consciousness...it produces an illusion, a sensation that no one questions...Consciousness, what we call the mind, conceives of a "mind" that is a thing, that is, a noun.  And it conceives of it both as being a noun, a thing, and as being a thing capable of action...

30:51  You think that you are thinking and if we just move it a little step downward, so to speak...the part of your brain that thinks conceives of itself...that that's the mind, and that it does something...you can point to the liver and say, "That's the liver" -- it's a noun, that's a thing -- "and the liver performs these acts..."  The mind, the conscious part of the brain thinks of itself as being a thing, like a liver, a mind and it does things;  it is capable of action.  It thinks...

32:10  Forget trying to prove this -- there's no way to really tell anybody...there's not a noun and a verb in there.  There's not a thing and then actions that the thing performs.  It's an illusion;  it's a false sensation that you have because the thing and what it does are the same thing...

33:17  ...that's all the dissatisfaction is that causes people to "want to awaken" or "achieve enlightenment";  that's all it is.  It's caused by a false perception...

34:16  ...Our minds and our thinking, as we call it, is not a thing engaging in some activity...

36:09  ...there's not a "mind that thinks;" the "mind" and "thinks" are the same thing...there's a great secret to believing you're asleep and there it is...consciousness believes it's a noun and a verb...

39:00  Let me go back to the opening...If everything "you" do is the result of molecular activity going on in you...AND your "you" is also a manifestation of molecular activity, then it is not correct to say that you do things by causing certain molecular activity to occur...

47:20  What's going on with our sort...there would seem to be some molecular activity in us that believes other types of molecular activity in us should not occur...

51:55  There's not molecular activity going on in you that is not you...