Jan Cox Talk 2562

Overlooking Orderly Results

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Transcript by DC

Jan Cox Talk 2562 : August 9, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan's Legacy 2014
These notes prepared by DC 06/08/09 from audio file.

Suggested title: Overlooking Orderly Results

00:04  Here's what I wrote for tonight.  [Reads] Seeing no alternative, men are left to believe that they are what they think that they are.  If being asleep is being what you naturally and mechanically seem to be, then being awake from such sleep is truly indefinable; is it not?  In that how can a man comprehend what it would be like to not be himself?  Thus being awake is surely different than the being of sleep but to say that they are opposites, I fear, misses the truth of the matter.  Having no ready alternative, a man is left to believe that he is what he thinks that he is.

01:06  [Reads]  Whereas the mind tends to see disorder in the affairs of man, it likewise is predisposed to overlook the orderly results that issue from these human affairs.  The mind should look at itself and learn a lesson, consider its disorderly conduct, yet then be forced to marvel at what it still manages to accomplish.  The mind everywhere sees life as being fragmented, unreliable and driven by incomprehensible, chaotic forces for the same reason that a jaundiced eye sees the whole world as being painted yellow.  Since thoughts are the only thing the mind has to look through, when thoughts say, "Look through here," what the mind sees is the "here" and not what it originally intended to see.  See?

02:14  [Reads] From the mind's inability to directly comprehend itself arises the sensation of man's homunculus, the imponderable feeling that there is a fully formed little man inside of us who controls the larger man that we see as the outside of us.  But it's still the same;  it's still just a variation of the same old dichotomous illusion, that there is within you a "you" and that the you has a mind.  Or, that there is in you a mind and that mind has thoughts.

Always the same distorted song that says:

Right here is one part of me
and over there is the rest.
Here is the sad part of me
and over there is the best.

03:15  [Reads] If there is a little you inside of you it will never conceive of or understand itself any more than one of your eyes will ever see itself.  'Tis as though the mind had the sight of a fly.  Fragmented eyes see everything as fragmented.  And thus 'tis that an enlightened mind sings no song, for to do so requires that the mind provide both singer and listener.  And no mind so divided is enlightened.  The theme of silence permeates both the universe and the mind at peace.

04:00  [Reads] The curious part of attempted mental self surgery for the sake of study is that when you start to take apart the homunculus within you he disappears -- a body that simply will not stay still for disassembly.

Any number can be divided by two and any thing can be cut in half -- that is, except for numbers and things that are imaginary.  Two into grunt won't go because grunt is indivisible.  I assume you know what I mean grunt to represent...

04:57  [Reads] A man asked a sage, "Can the mind think and be enlightened at the same time?"  And the wise one replied, "Oh, I don't know.  Why don't you think about it?"  Boy!  Is that ever the oldest trick in the book!

Question:  Just what do you imagine it will take, other than the world's most devious and shocking trick, to wake you up?  Just think about it.  A mystic is asked if the mind can think and be enlightened at the same time and he answers the question by saying think about it.  Just think about what he pointed to in response to a mind's most radical interest.  Boy, is it ever a trick.  And one whose potential for enlightenment cannot be exaggerated.

05:57  [Reads] Many there have been who said that they sought to discover the reality of life, but few there have been who ever realized that the reality of life is what goes on when you're too busy thinking about it to see it.  Searching is thinking and thinking is always moving and what you're searching for never moves.  You do see the stickiness of the situation;  don't you?

06:35  [Reads] One man says, "I can agree that molecules make up my body but no, not me, not my me."

Okay, sir, I admit that you got me the last time you pulled this.  Give it a rest.

Footnote just for the few:  As long as your mind has you convinced that there is a difference between behavior and thinking you'll stay forever confused as to the nature of what your you actually is and isn't.  Remember it this way:  If molecules are moving someplace in you, behavior is taking place.  There is no behavior that is not molecular activity and there is no I, self or me that is not a form of behavior.  In the cortex of man's brain is where his unique behavior occurs for he alone can move with no one being aware of it.

07:53  [Reads] One man notes, "Here is the strange part.  I am unquestionably certain that I have changed, grown and made specific progress through my efforts to awaken.  And yet, my mind seems to have been left behind.  The constant chattering of my mind is hardly different at all from what I remember it to be when I was a teenager.  How curious can a thing be?  I feel without any doubt that 'I' am a different person than I was twenty years ago and yet my mind somehow has resisted change.  How can it be that 'I' have changed and yet my mind which is the seat of my I has not?  How can this possibly be?"  And as he turned to walk away he concluded his observation with the comment, "God!  But I do so enjoy a bristling good mystery!"

09:09  [Reads] After many years of strenuous effort to understand the matter a boy finally asked his father, "Tell me the truth.  Is it possible for the mind to ever realize that it is not me?"  And his father shot him on the spot thus awakening him.  Moral:  The time must be right.  Fact:  The time is always right;  it's just your thinking that gets in the way.

09:41  [Reads] I say that if the mind could just step back, step away from itself, it would instantly see what is going on and would be enlightened.  But since I also say that you can easily see that this is not possible, why doesn't this fact, itself, bring on your enlightenment?  What more does an alert man need to have pointed out to him?  (I guess I'm going to keep rewriting this til somebody foams at the mouth.)...I say that if your mind could just step away from itself...

11:35  [Reads] The reason busy mystics proclaim that the secret is so mysterious is because there's nothing mysterious about it and it's not at all secret, if you just shut up and look.

11:53  [Reads] On one world, the creatures lives, rather than being controlled by either free will or fatalistic dictation were instead governed by the atmosphere.  Oh!  And another thing -- the atmosphere's action on the creatures caused a particular reaction in them whereby they exuded an invisible, odorless emanation that continually affected the chemistry of the atmosphere.  Oh yeah!  And one more thing:  as simple and obvious as the situation was only a couple of preachers every hundred years or so ever recognized it...

12:59  [Reads] And a boy asked his father, "Describe to me again what being asleep is?"  And the elder replied by pointing to his head and asking, "Well, you know what the world of 'in here' is?"  And the lad nodded "Yes" and his father pointed a finger away from him and asked, "And you know the difference between the 'in here' in you and the 'out there' outside of you?"  And the boy said yes, he did and his father said, "Then you're asleep."

14:01  And finally, the last news page, the headline reads:  All The Health News You Ever Need Know Concerning Man's Mental World.  Nothing cures anything.
Thus are the innumerable sham ills of that world revealed for what they are.

14:29  [Reads] Next headline:  All The Knowledge of Repairs You Ever Need Regarding Man's Mind.
Nothing fixes anything.  Thus is destroyed the illusion that life is broken.

Once you realize the essence of the mind and understand the nature of its creations, nothing could be clearer to you than the facts that nothing cures anything and nothing fixes anything.  If you take this into account regarding your own mind's attitude toward its perceived imperfections, how can you thereafter drift along in the same old wearisome dream?  What a release from futile concerns to realize that nothing cures anything for nothing is ill and nothing fixes anything for nothing is broken -- including your mind.

15:28  [Reads] Trying to awaken will entertain the mind but trying to awaken will not awaken the mind.  Hey!  I feel cured, I feel fixed.  Thanks!

16:00  [Refers to News Item above:  "All The Health News You Ever Need Know Concerning Man's Mental World..." @ minute 14:01]

19:20 [Riff on twin thala-mooses/thalamus as gatekeeper of what is transmitted to higher brain centers]...what if people who want to awaken have two of them? Or -- look at it another way:  Ours is uncertain...

22:21  I assume that all of you have your own understanding...nothing cures anything...nothing fixes anything in the secondary world...

24:20  Your mind is so fragmented and chaotic that it can easily believe otherwise...

25:50  You know why nobody notices it?  Because nobody's ill...

30:04  People like us see our natural state as being sick, figuratively speaking...

31:16  Let me go back to the opening News item:  "Seeing no available alternative..." it covers everything you need to know about achieving this...you can take everything, all the way from the Greek dramatists...

38:39  It's a solitary undertaking...

39:13  If you didn't want to and try to wake up, you wouldn't be asleep.

43:21  A guy had spent his life studying with all the renowned living teachers and finally tracked down this one man that he kept hearing about, went through all this great effort, found him..."Is there one thing I do not yet know?"  And the sainted one...say, "Obviously, there is."

45:05  You sense that you're not completely awake;  you have not achieved...

46:21  One guy said he wondered if the final...awakening would turn out to be in the form of something new that he learned or... would it be in the form of something new that he learned that he could do?  Now, remember:  I say that thinking is behaving...

47:34  ...if the mind would just stop...and step back...and just look at what's going on, I say that there is your enlightenment...

49:00  If the mind would just step back, just step away from itself...there is everything you need to know;  there is enlightenment...

50:05  If it's not possible for the mind to step away from itself...

52:12  [Cache of pumpkins].

53:22  Emptiness has to take up all the available space...

59:02  End