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Trying to Stop



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Summary by CFish

Jan Cox Talk 2563 - August 11, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2015
Notes by Cfish January 2015

Suggested Title: “Trying to Stop”

Begin:  All on the journey (awakening, enlightenment) are attempting the same thing. They are trying to stop. Anything more complicated is lies that lead you to “believe” that you know more than you do. Constructively one knows nothing. (ex. secondary realm)

Some scoff at the notion of there being a great secret of which ordinary men are unaware.  But the scoffing is misplaced because there is such a secret. It is everything that goes on naturally all around you while you are too absorbed in thought to notice. 

There is an overlooked law of physics in the secondary realm that bears directly on this journey. “Nothing affects anything else and everything effects everything else and only your thinking about these things keep you blind to the fact.”

05:00 “What a picture” —  The beautiful little sailor, up in the crow’s nest, constantly scanning the horizon, on the lookout, for the promised land. But in truth - he is it. He is the only it there is.  What a beautiful picture, story, and sight.  (And though you did not ask, it is one of my favorites.)

It is “my little mind” and yours I might add, struggling frantically, beautifully, like it wants to burst out of my forehead, always looking for the missing piece, to the awakening “out there.” And in the end it is what it is looking for. I bet your ordinary mechanical ears are hearing that as a metaphor.

But it’s not a metaphor. That is what makes it beautiful (chuckle producing) to me. A lifetime of looking, with some saying, it is themselves looking. Some born with this “LoJack” device keep looking out there. (ex. teachers, books, travel to foreign countries) “The mind” is looking for itself.

10:00  “The mind may say, “What does that mean?” But that just means the mind is looking again. News: One man asked a mystic: “What are you trying to do - “Trying to awaken? No, said the mystic. The man then asked  “Trying to achieve enlightenment?” No said the mystic. I am just trying to stop.

From somewhere up in the rigging, the folks on the deck of the ship, heard a voice cry out, “Unnecessary  mental ornaments are not the promised land.”  And the endless lapping waves continued to ask “trying to stop what?” 

15:00  That is the end of the news. Back to “stopping it.” If you did not try to stop it you would not be wanting to stop it. (Did anyone catch that one in your teeth?) I am personally taken by the description “trying to stop.” I also cannot encourage one enough to “think differently.” 

“Thinking differently” is all you need to get to the bottom of this activity. Based upon experience it has been a continual hobby in “looking” for a new description. In most cases of “thinking differently” you should not say anything about it. It is just unnecessary attention and grief to one’s self.

20:00  I know the reality behind the terms awake and asleep and I use the terms to just keep talking. But “thinking differently” and trying to see things from a different angle, (ex. everything I know, understand, the continuing methods, writings and musings)  trying to awaken is “trying to stop.”

25:00  It is the pared down version of the view that hit me first: “Trying to stop it.” You are not trying to awaken, all you are trying to do is “trying to stop”. It’s the hidden property (Microsoft terminology) of “trying to stop” “my mind” from drifting off. It may be talking and arguing with a billboard.

You are just driving along, you and your head, and the billboard thought turns to something that happened years ago that made you mad. Then you and your head say I have got to quit going to sleep, stop chasing the dog of “my mind.” (I have done them all.)

But my latest favorite (made up) is I discard “my mind” and I no longer am trying to awaken but I’m just trying to stop it. And then “my mind” goes “stop what?” “My mind” wants specifics. Its as though I have pointed my finger into the midst of this continual chaotic activity. Saying its got to stop.

Imagine the “Parliament of Birds” (Sufi story). No one (many “I’s: many “thoughts”) sits down, no one is in charge, many of the thoughts in conflict, many of them ignorant of other thoughts’ existence and I have pointed my finger into the midst of it. And said stop.

I kind of see them all at one time rather than serially. So imagine  all these fragments, these little minds, making up this “bigger mind.” And I point my finger into its midst.  “What are you pointing at?”

30:00  I do not think of myself as being awake or unawake. I think about what I am doing now. I am on a continuing quest to stop it. In a sense my ordinary mechanical mind is annoyed by it. But the ordinary mechanical mind is not annoyed by threats to awaken. (It coexists quite easily with the aim)

I don’t talk to myself but look at your mind, the actual words, trying to stop it. I wish I had thought of it years ago. No offense to “wanting to awaken.” Just get to the point. And even if a few had seen it years ago the ordinary mind would still be asking “trying to stop what?” Be specific. (No, can’t, won’t)

35:00 When I am not as awake as I could be I think: “I am just trying to stop it.” And that in a sense throws “my little mind” off. (which is the point) I can picture how it went in the early days. Maybe a Confucious grandfather, probably talking about a way to stop it.

Saying you just go off alone, sit and relax, don’t talk, and with no point. And the whole point was to upset your mind. But look at what that has become. (Some monastery monks doubling down and sitting alone for twenty hours a day.)  You do something to upset the mind and it adopts it as habit

40:00  Simply “thinking differently” becomes the norm the next day. The mind can believe its making progress when all it is doing is changing its underwear. And the mind cannot see that. There is nothing wrong with this. Ordinary men live life thru the mind rather than instinct. 

I wrote a new article about a man who had been struggling with this thing for years. (waking up, trying to stop) And he said he noticed something quite curious. He felt, knew, and would not argue the point, that there was no doubt in his mind, he had made some sort of progress. 

He was not the same person he was when he had started this journey. (trying to awaken) He said I am not satisfied with the results but I am satisfied that I have changed, grown, and that I am more awake. The curious part being “my mind” has been left behind.

I guess you have to be “pretty awake” to grasp that. From my view few people realize that. But do you notice that looking back (though you are more awake, but still no Buddha) your mind has been left behind back into your teen years.

45:00  I agree. “My mind” quite literally has been left behind. Outside, I would not try to tell anyone that. It’s not possible “I” have gone thru these changes and “my mind “ not been a party to it. 53:33

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