Jan Cox Talk 2564

The Pack and Professional Wrestling

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Summary by Cfish

Jan Cox Talk 2564 - 14 Aug 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2015
Notes by Cfish March 2015

Suggested Title:  Mysticism on the Hoof

Editors NOTE:  The News items in this summary are not verbatim.  Jan is reading the News and then commenting on it, so it is just too rich to summarize.  Listen to the tape. Also, if you can transcribe these News items verbatim, please do, as they do not exist in print in any form.

Begins with Jan reading the News:

 The behavior of red and blue circuit wolves is constantly affected by their great concern over their position in the pack. The yellow circuit wolves are continually concerned about controlling the behavior of the red and blue wolves. 

And when it comes to the infrequent occurrence of a solitary wolf appearing - who personally undertakes to “stop it”, we must ask ourselves, “What the hell is he doing here?” Now, look down deep into the hierarchy of your own mental wolf pack and ponder a similar question.

When it comes to the question of what is it the few are trying to stop - Look at it this way. Instinct can’t be stopped, so what does that leave? And, by the way,  no matter what tentative answer you may come up with, you are still faced with the question “What is there about man that does not arise from his instincts?”

So, since instinct can’t be stopped nor abandoned, can you see how many of the common efforts to achieve the goal are totally inappropriate and useless. The only proper aim is to “stop it.” Whatever you decide “it” to be.
The brain lives in the head and so does the mind apparently. But does is not the same thing as must. 

The unique talent of the mind is in its ability to send its consciousness anywhere in the universe. So a man’s consciousness of himself, as a conscious creature, seems to reside in his head.

What is to stop him from moving it. Let us say down to the small of his back.

 And the father says to his son. I keep telling you posture is important. 

(Every time you say the word "I” you can simultaneously think to yourself mind and universe. And what are you trying to stop with “stop it.”)

05:00 Pop quiz: What’s the practical distinction between ordinary man and one “who knows whats going on?” An ordinary man is always busy, plus he has “bad posture.” Talk much - Sleep much, Become emotional - Become emotional deluded, Be fixed and certain - Be for certain enslaved. 

Such are the unannounced consequences of several well known human inclinations. The secret to a relaxed life is “Don’t be inclined.” Being “inclined” is the seed for becoming certain and becoming certain is part of what the alert man is trying to stop.

10:00  Causes manifest themselves in man’s yellow circuit. And a man dedicated to a cause feels his lower circuitry has little cause to be alive. Such people should get out of the house more often. And for god’s sake stand up straight. One man tells us “that waking up” use to be his greatest interest. 

But now his interest is understanding “why he wanted to “wake up.” (May i say that is the interest that most benefits and befits a man wanting to “wake up.” The courses you follow in all three circuits that originally felt natural to you (habit) are your form of slumping.

And there is only one cure for slumping - “stop it.” Its all a matter of posture. (Inner Posture) A boy asked his father “Can you be sociable and awake?” And his elder replied “If you do it very, very, carefully.”

15:00 Even in affairs presented as spontaneous, but by common knowledge are known as scripted (ex. professional wrestling,the script being don’t kill each other, a designated winner)  the audience in playing its role, will boo, if the wrestlers intensity falls outside the confines of the script.

Now sports fans are you able to apply this matter to the arena of consciousness and how certain ideas (not pointing out heroes or villains) want to manhandle your mind and how you play your role, because, you are ready to boo and hiss such goings on?

Whenever feeling displeasure over something said or done where exactly in me is the part that feels this displeasure, apart from the part that feels displeased about it? A man could not do himself more good in trying to see through all this smoke and noise than inquire most vigorously into this question.

20:00  Belief in being asleep, and the belief that you are trying to wake up, keeps you participating in a fixed event.  News item: It’s a well known, retail, axiom, if a certain business fails, in a certain location, that any subsequent business of the same sort will also almost always fail.

25:00 You have got to find your own way to see it. Look at your attempts to “do this” as continuing, to try, to open a similar business, at the same location. The business does not fail, but ask yourself did the business succeed?  (permanently awake)

30:00  Mechanical consciousness is relentlessly monotonous. Maybe calling mechanical consciousness as relentlessly monotonous is progress. Its like gnat bites instead of a great struggle. 

35:00 Professional wrestling along with the audience is playing a role but it looks spontaneous. (rants and raves, storylines, good guys and bad guys)  But when the intensity of the wrestlers fall outside the confines of the script (not every move is scripted) you can feel and hear the change.

40:00  The audience is saying too much for a fixed contest. Consider a seamless witty conversational flow. Neither person is planning what they are saying. Yet it flows seamlessly between the humans like its scripted. But it is not a flow between humans, its flow going on inside of life itself.

45:00  From one view, witty conversations sound scripted - where you know they are spontaneous. Compare that to professional wrestling that appears spontaneous but you know it is scripted. Thinking in your head is professional wrestling in your head.

It’s wrestling with yourself. Self awareness is the audience. And when the activity in your head goes beyond the script, self condemnation takes on an added edge. The audience in the head gets chaotic, disorderly, outside the script. Think about people who talk back to a movie screen or TV show.

50:00  Task:  Trying to move around in your head: Where in my head am I conscious? Is it somewhere particular? (ex. center of head) I  recommend you do it while walking. A variation is move consciousness from your head down to the small of the back.

If done right no one will criticize your posture. You will feel something. Its known as “Mysticism on the Hoof.”  55:03