Jan Cox Talk 2570

Attempts To See The Mind


Summary by Cfish

Jan Cox Talk 2570   - August 28, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2015
Notes by Cfish September 2015

Suggested Title:  Attempts To See The Mind  

“Until he discovers for himself that what ordinary men call their “Mind” simply isn’t there, and the only time it can apparently “find itself” is at the exact moment it is looking for itself, (which with ordinary men is a relative, non-event.) “ JDN 082800)

Begin:  What I keep saying, in different/same ways is, when you try to study the mind, you can’t find the mind. After years of looking, having been in states of waking up, I made up the view, that waking up was “the mind" being able to turn and look fast enough, “the mind” sees “the mind” in toto for what it is.  

Turning the mind on itself and the mind being able to see itself is what’s behind the experience of waking up. (being enlightened, etc.) Which I say (for reasons I’m unsure) few people who experience “big time awakening” ever get to the bottom of. Simply, the mind sees/understands itself.

And this experience (the mind sees itself) is in spite of the fact, I say, that when the mind looks for itself - it’s not there. Because (even if I made it up) you don’t have but one mind. So how can one mind, walk away from itself, turn around, and look for itself.

05:00  It is breathtaking, it will save you twenty-five years, if you (the mind) realize the thought that wants to wakeup, the thought that feels the other thoughts are asleep/unworthy, (and I agree when I am that thought) it’s only the mind “attempting" to wake up.

Here is the other side/view, “The mind does not exist until it looks for itself.” Speaking on behalf of the reasonable, that is certainly not true. The mind does not exist. until it looks for itself, is almost the opposite, of the mind can’t find itself, because it is itself.

If you don’t see it, prove it to yourself, not me. (It may take awhile) I want you to be uncertain whether this is literal or metaphor. The mind does not exist until it “attempts” to look for itself, until it “attempts” to self remember, until it “attempts" to wake up. 

10:00  Even more astounding is considering that everything humans do that does not require things tangible in nature is all in the mind. (including attempts to see the mind) Look how little of life is taken up with food, (growing/eating) defending the household, and physical actions to get one through the day.

All the rest is imagination and would not be there without men’s mind. Last time I brought up the flowering of consciousness, the talking part of the brain, the mind’s ability to talk and hear itself talk, was the origin of gods.  Why did the mind do that?

15:00  Maybe the mind looked around, seeing how humanity had created the wheel, thinking then, maybe something created humanity/physical world. Then the mind thinking, maybe the mind/talking part of the brain is God, but since it was the only voice in the head, it had to know what it was doing.

Why didn’t the talking part of the brain/flowering of consciousness say (instead of making up God) this is your brain talking. I am useful. I can be fun in your free time, and I don’t cost any money?

20:00 Because of my relentless efforts to see “what’s going on” a whole new view of these efforts “to wake up, to see the mind, etc. - I don’t see them as being, not ridiculous, not humorous, but how about jolly good. (It’s a British term meaning Jolly Good) 

The biggest part of one’s life is spent in secondary reality/non-physical world. Sex, eating, and what you do for a living is excluded. And this whole secondary reality is taking place in an area, literally, smaller than a soccer ball.  

Ordinary people may see this view as a metaphor. For example, reality is colored/weighted by what one thinks about it. The ordinary may say they see reality with their mind’s version of it. But ordinarily they could not see secondary reality taking place in an area smaller than a soccer ball.

25:00  Looking around at life I see a fascinating picture where 95% of what everyone is doing at any moment (their sense of reality/civilization) is taking place in an area, that will fit into the size, of a man’s brain. This thing (civilization) that covers the entire world, being anything not natural to the planet.

It should make you smile, maybe eventually wake up.