Jan Cox Talk 2574

" How You Feel "


Summary by Cfish

Jan Cox Talk 2574     Sept 6, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox. Jan’s Legacy 2016
Notes by Cfish April 2016

Suggested Title: “ How You Feel “

Begin: Reads: Men mistake their instinctive self for “How They Feel” and the more their thoughts stay on “how they feel” the less opportunity they have to ever realize that - how men feel is not the same thing as what they by instinct and temperament are.

Letting your thoughts dwell on “how they say you feel” keeps you believing that what they identify as “how you feel” is what you are (temperament,instinct) which is not so. What thoughts describe as “how you feel” is nothing more than an imprecise mental reflection of temperament/inborn instinct.

Your instinctive self does not have feelings in the mental emotional sense. The passions of a tiger, man’s instinctive self, are not feelings as they are defined by man’s mind. And not realizing this is a costly oversight in man’s journey to awaken.

Reads: A human problem is something bothersome about which you can take no curative action. Everyone begins this journey depending on their mind but to ever complete it you must reverse the arrangement so that your mind depends on you.

05:00 The more your mind stays on your thoughts the less you realize what you really are. If this seems in opposition to historical teachings, (disregard the ephemeral experiences of waking up) understanding the nature of the mind is all true awakening is. 

Nothing less and nothing more is possible. Men mistake their instinctive self  (without voice/cellularly) for “how they feel” mentally/socially. It’s an invisible/intangible life and  the more you live there the more significant it seems.

10:00 I am not singling out anyone but listen to yourself and others when they talk. It is  man’s mind overtly manifesting itself in thinking about “how they feel.” 

15:00  Operationally speaking “how they feel” even about  something that appears to be intellectual (ex. taxes) is something they have a feeling/belief about. It is not the intellect that drives life. 

20:00 The day to day meaningless social conversations (nice day, etc.) is the only time it is not about “how they feel.” If it gets past that, its all about “how one feels.” If you can see that, then to folks like us, “how one feels’ is a belief/distraction.

It is a reflection (as always) of something quite real/physical.  What humans say is “how they feel” is not “how they feel.” It is an expression of instinct/temperament. Lions/tigers/instinctive selves do not have feelings unless the feelings make them move physically for survival.  

25:00 Thinking about feeling hungry is for all intents your imagination. It is based on something real but instinctively there is no such thing as “how you feel.” Instinctively “how you feel” is what you are by inborn temperament. Simply, “how you feel” is not a reflection of anything intellectual.

No sane person has feelings about 2 + 2 = 4. When you get past that (2+ 2 = 4) everything else a person thinks arises from Instinct and is singular to inborn temperament.   Instinct/Temperament never thinks it’s feeling edgy/depressed. It is what you are by temperament.

30:00  The point being, “feeling” thinks it can change but instinct not so much. Picture a litter of four or five puppies. One of pups may seem to display a “whipped dog”  temperament. Shy, and maybe last in line for feeding. Compare that to someone’s reflections on being fearful/skittish. 

35:00  “How you feel” is not temporal. You are terminally asleep if you “believe” you can substantially change what you are. From experience I can’t say you can have any effect on what you are. In a sense it defies everything I understand. But you obviously cannot change your height/skin color.

40:00  Being fated to what you are is not the point. The real captivity is not understanding the captivity, and what is possible and not possible. I give the person credit who came up with the term “the great liberation” and that he understood it.

The great liberation is not open ended liberation. For example the awakened/enlightened cannot jump off a building and fly. We are all subject to the same physical laws. There is no captivity of the mind because the mind is boundless/unstable. ( we covered that last week.)

45:00 The belief the mind is captive is the most captious idea imaginable. You cannot be free of what you are instinctively. But you can be free from not understanding that fact. You can be free of the belief you can do what you cannot do.

Instinct is not captive, it does not “believe” it can do things it cannot do. (unless the frontal lobes are drugged or drunk)  Instinct is awake. It is not deluded. Instinct/what you are cannot substantially change. Instinct is as free as life itself.

50:00  When Man first started thinking, he made up God because God can do anything. Man’s thoughts are struggling against the limitations of the instinctive self. And the instinctive self fuels the mind. “What you are” instinctively has no notion of “what you feel/believe” about it.”

“What you are” genetically/instinctively/literally would have to be able to step away from itself. And only the mind believes it can do that.  (the mind can believe anything it damn well chooses) The mind may come up with feelings of being under-appreciated. 

55:00 But manifesting feelings of being under appreciated is a costly mistake. It is a distorted reflection of “what you are.” What you are is the basis of what the mind says is how you feel and thinking feelings can be changed is costly to folks like us.

The mind is constructed, after the first glimpse, to see things as they could be, not as they are. It is why technology is possible. When the mind looks internally it’s distracted. What you are instinctively is not an illness and what you feel are distorted beliefs.

60:00  If you have physical problems get them treated or cured if you can. If the conception of “how you feel” is all you have, if it does not go beyond that level, it is as real as anything in the world. And saying its illusionary will accomplish nothing.

Six billion people believe: “how they feel” is “how they feel.” But it’s not true if you are going to get to the bottom of This. Nothing but the mind manifests “how you feel.” All you can do about the mind’s feelings is whine. Nothing more, other than see it for what it is.      
  End 1:09