Jan Cox Talk 2575

Don't Look Back


Summary by Cfish

Jan Cox Talk 2575  August 8, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2016
Notes by Cfish May 2016

Suggested Title: Don’t Look Back

Begin: Reads: “The more that you live by “how you feel” the less notice you will give to how your thoughts are doing.  So from one view the more emotional you are the less likelihood of you being bothered by your mind’s activity.”

To be “enlightened” is to be not content with the surface of things. Be they objects or be they ideas. And to go along with this is to study the two levels of the mind. The surface level (the thoughts you are forced to have-you know what you know)

And the deeper level (where you know the thing by which you know)  Never settle for appearances until you are “awake” enough to realize that that is all there is. Thoughts say “how they feel” and men who say “how they feel” have no feel for thoughts. 

Reads: Every trick I discovered to help me keep awake both helped me and hindered me. It would for the moment help keep me awake but did, over the long haul, hinder me, by causing me to imagine that I was getting somewhere.

The ultimate in escape tricks is getting out of the illusionary straight jacket called “Am I making progress?”  The more you accept your verbalized “feelings” to be real feelings, the less you will ever realize about the reality of your thinking.

05:00 Reads: To be insultable (made up word) is to get insulted.  Concerning direction of sight and another certain matter - you cannot look back and not have “feelings.”  Whenever you write/say/think the word “feeling” it should be put in quotation marks. 

A lad said to his Father; “What are we other than what we think we are?” To which the Father responded; Everything that doesn’t think about what you are. ”And the lad later concluded, “You could never know what you are.” Which somehow came as a notable relief, for a while. 

People take being who/what they think they are far too seriously. What you actually are is not at all a serious matter. Instinct does not take itself seriously, only thoughts do. 

10:00  The more  attention is held by the sensation of who/what you are - the less notice you give to the nature of the mind. If you live by “how you feel”  being “asleep/distracted”  won’t bother you.

15:00  Living “by how you feel”  puts you in line with six billion complaining people. And more than likely you would not be sitting here. 

“How you feel” is what you talked about in high school. The short range skirmishes, being frightened by a bully to long range skirmishes/parents. But if “how you feel” had been sufficient you could have saved yourself from all of this.   

20:00 Refer back to the two layers of the mind. When talking about the deeper level I am not referring to psychological version of sub consciousness. The subconscious is subcortical activity of the nervous system.  It is not the mind/consciousness.

25:00  Most everyone on the planet has a lifetime of being insulted. To be “insultable” is to be insulted. I am not referring to behavior. If you still fume or cry over being insulted I am astounded you are still here.

What I refer to is the belief that thoughts in your head can be changed.   Which keeps you involved with busy work. People believe being insulted is an anomaly and want to talk about it. From one cold blooded view, it is childish. Its like taking another breath. 

30:00  Are the thoughts you “feel”  a “true representation” of reality? The general point is that ordinary people do not see being “insultable”  as a natural state. I find it interesting an everyday occurrence, “insultable” is not in our dictionaries.  

35:00 Take “insultable”  outside the realm of two people. Being “insultable” is all inside your own head. Does anyone get it?  It has to do with “feelings.”  It has to do with “looking back.” 

You cannot reminisce and not have feelings.  Can you reminisce impartially? Some of you looked off for a minute so I will answer it. You can’t.

Two things:  1. Feelings stop when you look for them. 2. No feelings, no reminiscing. (Like looking at the mind with the mind)

40:00  If you want to continue to be trapped in the illusion of “how you feel” keep entertaining thought’s “feelings” about the past. 

45:00  A boy said to his father, “What are we other than what we think we are?” And the father said, “Everything that does not think about what you are.”  In other words what is there besides what we think we are? 

And the answer is “Everything that doesn’t think about what you are. “ A direct answer that can’t be talked about/discussed. Never knowing can be a great relief. 

End 49:42