A Footnote

Amidst the heat and fumes
of the apparent endless little and large travails
of City existence, one fellow up and suddenly said,
“Hey, Life is just a hobby!"


Wearing his spiffy new sardonic suit, this one fellow says,
“Looking back over my life, at times even I must admit
to being impressed at how little I’ve done,
with as much as I had…yes, impressed indeed.”


You might care to remember, even ruminate on the fact,
that all those fears mortal and unique to man,
are City and secondary.


There is nothing going on at the atomic, cosmic
or animal level that is not going on in the mind of man.


There is a certain smelly – I mean small – cult
over in a far corner of the universe, who believe
that one can, without long range ramifications,
change one’s middle name.


When you know how to be your own
Editor, Researcher and Collaborator,
then if your manuscript won’t make it,
your footnotes will.