Two and Two

The lad inquired, “Why is Papa, that a bone will break all at once,
yet will heal only by degrees?”  The ole man pondered this a bit
and replied, “First you tell me why it is that, ‘Questions come short,
while answers fill eternity’?”  (The kid looked subtly off, into the
ravine of his own canyons thinking, “I was afraid he’d say that.”)


In City affairs there are deals you can initiate,
whereby others lose, and you gain nothing.

(Although this is not a full picture of justice,
it still doesn’t hurt to remember the concept.)


In, I will assume, a tortured attempt to be encouraging,
a certain father, told his uncertain son,
“Have no fear, dear, time will wait – even back up – for stragglers.”


Cited one dude, “If you couldn’t go backwards
who’d wanna tell time in the first place.”


Why is it, you figure,
that things can be satisfactorily divided into twos,
and then likewise in threes?


I heard a guy, over near a tree, over near the park,
nearly say that he sometimes looked upon man as
“The Theatre Of Chance”. 
(Well, I think he said “chance” –
it was so dark and hard to tell.)