Men on a Mission

Not having to talk about yourself saves a lot of energy
normal people don’t even know they have.


Men on a mission
don’t need spare change.


“Say look”, said one of the negotiators, “I’m truly not ipso ozto,
trying to give you a hard time, it’d be a different story if it was
just myself I had to look out for, but in this instance, I’m fronting
for me and myself.”


I’ll give you another undiscovered verb-math map,
if you promise not to let it give you the R.D.P’s.
(The Routine Dee Pressions), so here ‘tis:
the only reason to ever get well in the City,
is so’s you can get sick again.


In the City, everything that moves
is in a symbiotic embrace.

(Even if you see only one lover,
Life itself is the paramour under everyone’s bed.)



P.S. Make a note, there are no points for consistency…
Oh, okay, points maybe, but that’s all.