Keep the Motor Running

“Tis the curse of the king” (not really a “curse,” but it just sounded nice here),
“Tis a curse of the king to bamboozle the many and be bamboozled by one.” 
(Underwear’s Laboratory Bulletin #19:  This has nothing, may I repeat, nothing,
to do with the molecular structure, much less hierarchy, of the human
nervous system, (much less the brain).


It is pretty easy to be “all excited” if you don’t know any better.
(P.S.: Of course after that, you can always fake it.)


If you’ll put some of your thoughts more to the rear,
there’ll be more room up front here for the rest of us.


“Keep the motor running,"
said one frontal lobe,
“I won’t be in here long.”


If you’ve got some City ideas,
you just can’t forget you’ve got problems…
(Only rashes with no ointments
are sophisticated enough for some.


This one guy says his prospects for a clear future
have greatly increased since he realized that
as a child he was once scared shitless, but
misunderstood and thought he’d said “witless”. 
(He also says that it could have been
the other way around – but what the hell.)