You Heard It Here Last...

Be thankful:  If there were not always “one more number,"
there would be always – one more letter.


Being “cute at the end”
is not necessarily the same sport
as being clever at the outset.

(One guy, in the listening audience, said, “P.S.: That’s why I resist the P.S. addendum and the epilogue.”  Thank you sir and remember folks – you heard it here last.)


The electrical structure of man makes it rain…
with much vicey versies.


Since no system, from its own level,
can define, describe or otherwise account for itself,
where the dumb-hell do you get off trying to tell us
“what kinda guy you are”?


At times men have asked of the gods for a steeling of the backbone and a thickening of the blood, in the face of the challenge ahead.  Now some of the gods are unemployed, some others promoted to newer times.


Just last night, (let’s see, that’s right), last night in the park a final speaker took to the box, stood tall with head and voice raised and said, “It is with full awareness of its implications that I say to you – are you listening out there – that I say most sincerely, I will say it directly and with no Alice-of-forethought, please hear me well, I say to you quite simply this – Metaphors are on the way out.”