Words is Words

The first places many people will look,
are the kinds of places Revolutionist wouldn’t hang his underwear.


This hard-to-describe fellow
suggested that the theme song for his City should be:
“Oh, I’m Drowning In A Sea Of Air.”


Just barely above the din, I heard this voice:
“Well, if you’ll look at it, over from this kinda view –
Everything’s unjustified.”


Words are words
and news is news,
and nothing gets lost in the City;
even failures can be feature stories.


In the attempt to sooth his heirs,
a father told his skittish kid,
“The ‘unconscious mind’ is simply Jim Henson.”


A certain historian-cum-philosopher, recently noted,
“Looking back through careful study and research,
you can see that it all fits, and it all makes predictable sense,
but alas, in trying to see forward, I find myself on much less
secure ground.” (A bit later, the scholar suddenly wished
that his father was still alive so that he could privately ask him,
“Why is that?”)