Gourmet Entrees

One world solved their problem of crappy food,
by at one-fell-swooping, declaring their crap,
“Gourmet Entrees.”


They asked this ole guy how old he was and he said,
“Well, I won’t tell you my exact age, but I will say
that I’m older then I ever planned to be.”


Although it does kinda make me sad,
I gotta go ahead and tell you – those who worry
about whether professional wrestling is “Real” or not,
are the same guys that’d worry about whether Life is real or not


Stretched out to his full height, standing securely
on the shoulders of several assumptions, the speaker
proclaimed, “In defense of my fellow creatures, let me say –
if men weren’t so much like they are, they could be some way else.”


In the City, some have said that the,
“Eyes are the first to go,”
others counter that,
“Memory is the first to go,”
but one ole guy did a wrap on it by simply noting that,
Every thing is the first to go.”