Invisible Bullets

Although what I am about to say cannot be precisely laid, within City groves of

verbal-math, I’m gonna give it to you anyway like this:  One of the reasons for going away, is so you can return.


Although intrigue and conflict
are part of the natural order of things
in the City, the Revolutionist must not
be incompatible.  (As to “with what,”
you’ll have to fill this in.)


The most common dependable cause
of Secondary disasters, is a lack of topographical
knowledge…especially regarding areas outside
of the City, your City, any City that’s “out there.”


Religion is the attempt to exercise power,
with invisible bullets – words.


In the Secondary world,
when you know what to expect,
you won’t expect much.
(Or could we say, won’t mis-expect.)


Just think, if everybody didn’t have
their own little ways of doing things,
why there wouldn’t be enough everybody’s
to go around.  (Be thankful for what you’ve got –
even if you don’t “Get it” yet.)