Background Noise

Hey, that “noise” you hear in the background
is you!


One day while sittin’ around, doin’ nuthin’,
one guy was actually Doin’ Nuthin’.

(Another “Unbelievable Episode”,
brought to you by the Institute Of Accept It Or Choke.)


After witnessing the kid’s sincere efforts,
and in an attempt to wax philosophically,
one guy said to his nephew, “Kid, just singing
country music won’t make you a country star.” 
And the younger thought for a bit, then replied,
“So?  Neither will singing opera.” 
(Then it was the old guy’s turn to think for a bit.)


One budding little brother announced,
“That which is defined is already half dead.” 
And his kid sibling shouted, “Well, hey,
let’s go ahead and talk about it and put it out of its misery!”


Impacting your partner – wait, let me commence afresh;
Murdering your partner may not improve your health,
but in some jurisdictions it’s worth a try.