Holiday Stories


“Hey, said one ole irritated cranium,
(fancy since you fairly figured for, “Sore Head”),
“If it ain’t a bargain, it ain’t a bargain.” 
(Case and head closed.)


Be of Good Cheer:
Growth doesn’t repent.


Sacred inscription on one side of a tenuous temple,
over in the zooney zone:
“Hail”, it reads, “Hail all citizens and worshippers;
the sound of small arms fire can always be heard off in the distance,
(unless you’re on a fast), so
"Hail honest seekers – go in peace.”


During a certain holiday celebration,
when lips were freer and talk much sprier,
the sovereign overhead some say,
“The King is the people!” - which he repeated
to himself several times, then said,
“Me thinks this is metaphorically true.” 
And his brother-in-law, the Anti-Leige muttered,
“Metaphorically, metaphorically; if he tries
to negotiate with stone cold facts one more time
using ‘metaphorically’ – I’ll split my breeches.”


One piece of advice found floating free,
amidst the local celestial debris:
Those who play “Hard and fast” with the rules,
show a clear understanding of the rules.