Making a List

As another visiting relative used to say,
(whenever he was in town on a major holiday),
“If Galileo were alive today, he’d be the first to say,
‘Hey – don’t look at me.’”


Remember, (do I start not a few of these with “remember”,
but hey, remember any word only has so may synonyms so),
Remember:  If you’re keeping score – who’s guarding the goal line? 
(But then again, a good memory is not a prerequisite for protecting the net.)


If you wait until the very last minute to make your list, just think –
just think, I say, what might be on it!


At odd moments, (“Odd”, did I say…how odd),
when I sometimes despair over the sameness of man’s Neural landscape,
a bump, a lump, a small mental mound will arise to take-my-breath-away. 
Just today, I heard a fellow say how “terribly, terrible impressed” he was
with the brilliant technology of his paperweight; “How”, he asks,
“Does it tell whether it is holding down two or two hundred pages,
so as to exert the proper weight?”


While waiting on a bus, a guy suddenly realized –
“Hell, I am the bus.”