Second Chance

As the sun sank below the horizon,
(which in that part of the world it did almost every day),
the sagacious old salt tapped his pipe, peered deep
into the sunset, and said to the young, green cabin boy,
“Aye, me laddie, we’ll be in for a bit of darkness now.”


Giving Life a second chance
won’t normally do you any good
if you didn’t care much for it’s first one.


Over at a recent “Kings Convention”
I overheard one autocrat aver,
“The only thing strength is good for is to help the weak.” 
And one passing, temporarily unemployed
pretender-to-someone’s-throne-or-other, thought,
“Then of what greater use is a weakness than to assist the strong?” 
(A maintenance man witnessing this whole affair, winked at me
and said, “A man can learn a lot at Trade Shows.”)


On a revolutionary scale...
I mean evolutionary…well…either one;
Good ideas don’t have to age. 
(Of course, on yet a stranger scale,
good ideas Can’t age.


While “Waiting For Your Time To Come,”
you’ll have lots to do.

Blisterburg Variation Number Seven:
While “Waiting For Your Time To Come,”
you’ll have lots of time.