Musings on Monday

It is profitable to remind oneself that the first order
of every day, of every house, of every minute,
state and location; the never ending first order
of the Revolutionist’s business, is to look around…
not stare, but Look Around.


“What’s The Hardest Thing In The World To Do?"
Response Number 4 or 5:  To try and help someone,
without trying to make them more like you.


Everybody has another person
living in the house with them…
even those who live alone.


A lot, (and I do mean a goodly many),
of real famous people
quit just a little too soon.


One Monday, (which was his day to try and muse philosophically),
the ole man said to the kid, “If you’ve got the time to lose,
you’ve got time to win.”  The younger retorted,
“That’s the fortieth time you’ve told me that.  And insofar as I can
perceive, in most of life’s everyday challenges, time is not the
deciding factor in the question of ultimate success or failure.” 
(The old man thought,  "Maybe I should switch to Tuesdays.")