Mall Walking

More proof that –
One Should Know What One Is Doing – (Maybe):
Kissing a pig won’t make it run any faster.


As regards troubling neural discharges, note:
If you don’t think about them,
they won’t think about you.


Amidst the dizzying display of some neural storm or the other,
the King suddenly proclaimed, “Tis not enough to help the
feeble stand – No, tis our duty to carry them as well.” 
And seven seconds later a guy in the crowd held up a sign
that said, “Feeble Lessons Here.”


Here’s a verbal antidote for some more of that
subtle, City-stoked, temporal trompe l’oeil, to wit: 
Because it’s separate, doesn’t mean its distinct.


While the secondary world seems no bargain for some,
Life still sends all into the mall.