Cutting Edge

This one guy declares, “Well, we’ve come too far to turn back now.”  
And a fellow guy countered, “Well, hell we’ve come too far to do any thing now.”


Then there was this one kid
who all the time would say,
“I don’t get it, I don’t get it.”


Those who believe life to be a mere trifle
and men insignificant dust in the wind,
and those who believe otherwise;
each is more wrong than the other.


Sang out the amorous bard:
“Love’s a response,
love’s a struggle. 
I’m the soap,
you’re the bubble.”
(As it turned out, the object of his desire
was a pin prick, but “Hey”.)


Thought for the Day:
Its hard to be mad when you’re right. 
Said the kid, “There’s for sure one I don’t wanna think about.”


So I ask you:
If you don’t operate at the cutting edge of your brain –
who will?!!