Pushing & Shoving

They’ll hold your place in line,
not necessarily just for you,
but will hold it for someone.
(Just in case, I suppose, you get
surprisingly delayed…hahaha.)



First Voice:      “There are things to be done that have not  yet been done.”

Second Voice:  “Aye, but the same could be said for what’s already been done.”


In this one Bivouac area, some mornings the first up would be shot,
while on others the last to arise would be so dispatched.  The selection
twixt the two was determined the night before by a secret coin toss


Over by the Great Intersection, I heard a man say,
“I have come to the place whereby I now have
no more regard for my memory, than has it for me.”


In the Secondary Kingdoms,
a knight can be heroic only in
Silent quests and Secret adventures.



Do not be misled; pushing and shoving can help a lot--
if you’re in a pushing and shoving contest.