Rest Easy - Hah!

“Rest easy, rest easy you say – Hah!” 
Exclaimed this guy on the corner, “’Tis a joke
you make, a cruel jest you suggest,
for rest easy I shall not, until all eyes are opened,
all minds cleared and Bach recognized as the
true father of “Surf Music.”


And said this other fellow;
“I guess my biggest, lingering perplexity
is in wondering why I still laugh at stuff that’s funny.”


Noted one short-handed Philosopher-in-the-park:
“Man’s made up so much stuff,
that there’s now almost enough to go around."


In a sudden fit of Mordant, if not enlightening ecstasy,
a priest fell from a City alter and cried out,
“The father of us all was a mother!”


Notice to Harry S. Everybody:
Hey – The buck stops everywhere.