RE: Bullets

(...Rapidly Expanding...)

You can misspell gun,
you mispronounce pistol,
but in the northern hemisphere
bullets will still kill you.

One Earth-bound intellectual and would-be celebrity,
after some months on the media road promoting his new book,
says that he has come to find that interviews are like
being thrown into a den of withering, slippery clichés
and being asked to skin them
in twenty words or less.

After years of careful consideration of contemporary concerns,
this one self-appointed critic and social observer
summed up his findings thusly,
“In the matter of ‘current events'
I find it to be more a matter of ‘current’ than of ‘events.’”


While passing a newly noted planet the other evening,
I noticed a large, lighted sign that proclaimed,
“Our God Doesn’t Do Alternations,”
and dropping down for a closer look,
I discovered that everyone was the spitting image of everyone else.


In a firmly establishment voice, a father told his off-spring,
“Look let’s get this clear,
I’m not saying I’m superior to everyone else,
just that I’m superior to You.”
(And the rapidly expanding kid was not particularly amused.)