3 Ways Out

Sign seen stuck in a picturesque public park:
“Any Further Alliterations Will Be Shot On Sight.”


Regarding the matter of Revolutionist info:
It is not a question of any of it being true, false, correct, etc.
It is just whether it is personally profitable and operational
for you, for that one brief moment it takes to first process it.


Another possible measure of Secondary progress:
Once a man was more what he did than what he said,
but now the weight tilts toward the latter.


There are always three possible ways out, of the jams of life:

The way you think might work,
The way you wish would work,
The way that frightens you, and
The way you don’t know about.


A middle priced fellow, sitting on a bench
near a discontinued bus stop, abandoned
his reveries long enough to tell me,
“Advertising is to City affairs
as aroma is to an outhouse.”
(He mercifully dropped almost immediately
back into his ruminations.)