'Fess Up!

Carrying my bags up the stairs, the bellboy
revealed his own soft-sided philosophy of the moral climb:
“If we were all as smart as everyone else, there’d be no need
for individual addresses and phone number.”  
(I tipped him a dime and a smile.)


Natives cannot judge their homeland.


Once he better, (or at least differently),
understood what he was doing, this one guy
would sometimes say to himself,
“May I have this dance?”  Then he would
bat his baby blues and reply,
“Why I thought you’d never ask!”
which would never fail to infuriate him.


A man who admits his folly,
has sure got lots to ‘fess up about.


In secondary settings,
when you “reach the end of the line,”
it either disappears into modulation,
or the polarity simply reverses.

(The End)